I Thought I Was A Gentleman

I Thought I Was A Gentleman

I thought I was a gentleman,
Until the day it rained in Lagos.
That day the sky opened up,
And God wept down, copiously.

We were all lost in our thoughts
As we huddled together, waiting
For buses that drove past without looking at us
With their load of shivering humanity.

I was thinking of Mr. Henry,
And how he shouted at us that day
As he does, indeed, most days,
with that all-knowing,supercilious look on his face

Then I saw a bus slowing down,
As it approached our makeshift shelter.
We all rushed forward,
With me right there, in front.

That was when I pushed her out of the way.
The woman with a child, about to take the place
Of the lone passenger who struggled out of the bus.
For, you see, I had to be on my way home.

29 thoughts on “I Thought I Was A Gentleman” by magic (@magic)

  1. Good poem.
    Would have loved it more if it was not posted for the contest.

  2. Eeya…. It happens. The worst of situations bring out the worst in people, even the gentleman.

  3. I know… I know. Thanks for reading

  4. When gbege happen, we all let the animals in us take us over. Nice.

  5. wen d going gets tough,

    i think u should av gone further to tell us how the woman ‘swear’ for you

    1. You Sabin the drill.

  6. …Hope he realized with remorse…, It does have a story-line, nice work.

    1. I will ask him:). Thanks!

  7. What could he have done?

  8. Even the baby will understand…lol ! Funny . Well done

  9. Eyaa! Poor mother and child. Lucky you.

  10. I would do it to a man and his son, not a woman menh lol
    Once stood up and offered my chair from West to East
    for an old woman. The story of the Athenian boys urged
    me on as I wobbled inwardly.

    Well done.

    1. I guess you just don’t think you are a gentleman. You are really one!

  11. Being gentle doesn’t fare well in this part of the world… If I’m the guy I’ll do the same shaa, then apologise after I’m seated in the car…hehehe! Nice magic Magic…

  12. It happens to the best of us…Nice poem

  13. Nicely written, kudos

  14. Obituary of courtesy. Nice poem.

  15. hehehehe….you are human.

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