I Love You

Beneath this seeming self-worship,
Beneath this cloak of defense and counter-defense,
Beneath this apparent show of dis-interest,
Lies a heart
That is screaming to be understood.

We are creatures of selfishness,
And will understand only that which motivates us:
And can only struggle to comprehend
Feelings we think are alien –
Because they are not ours.

I love you, and always have.
I show it less, I know,
Because I want you to do it my way.
But I love you, and always will,
My pumpkin.

4 thoughts on “I Love You” by magic (@magic)

  1. Awww, i wish all these women would just know that we love them, even if we dont show it.
    But that your pumpkin ending sounds somehow in my mouth.

  2. A true romantic poem for every Naija guy! I mean, since we don’t do mushy well, and our ‘African Pride’ gan is not helping. Preach thois gospel, let the ladies know we smile at the thought of them, but will not admit missing them at all…

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