How will I know?

How will I know?

Here’s another collaboration between myself and my charlie @Jaywriter. I hope you enjoy.


I’ve searched through his eyes,
I’ve listened to his truthful lies;
His stare so blue,
As he speaks words of half truth;
I don’t know what I see,
Is he in love with me?

He calls,
Says he just wants to hear my voice.
We walk,
And talk;
He hugs me,
And tells me not to weep;
He’s always there,
Calls me his dear;
He’s driving me nuts over him,
Is he in love with me?

He smiles at me,
Laughs at my gists;
I tell him I lost a fight,
He says baby,
‘you just let them win’;
He comes home every night,
Buys me gifts and all that;
He stares at my lips,
Says they are cute and full,
Does he want a kiss?
Is he in love with me?

Gorgeous body,
Nice builds;
‘M I tripping?
Hell yeah, that’s right!
I don’t know if he loves me,
I don’t know if he cares,
Why does he call?
Why is he always there?

He says ‘m cute,
I know that’s true;
He talks to me like a bestie,
But what if I wanna be his boo?
I know its wrong,
To want to push for more;
But it feels right,
I have a feeling he wants just that.
I can’t settle for little,
When I know he’s got more to give.
Don’t call me stupid,
Just tell me how to know what he feels!

Will he tell me?
Will he put my picture on his dp?
Will he call me every night, whispering sweet nothings?
Will he let me see his tears?
Will he kiss me senseless?
Will he sing to me?
And tell me all I wanna hear?
What will he do?
How will I know?
Tell me please!
Or, Will I never know?
Will he never… fall in love with me?



I’ve searched through her eyes,
I’ve listened to her witty replies;
She smiles,
As she speaks words of half truth;
I am confused at what I see,
Is it love?
Or just another lady,
Who finds my company pleasing?

I call,
To hear her laugh;
We walk,
And talk..
I hug her,
I like the feel of it;
I call her sweetie,
While I listen to her worries;
I hope I’m not madly in love,
With a girl who only sees me,
As a faithful friend,
who’s always there.

I make her smile,
She laughs at my jokes;
When she loses a fight,
I always say,
‘Sweetie, you just let them win’;
I drop her off after our night dates,
Surprise her with a gift,
As I stare at her lips,
They are cute and full.
Does she know?
That I stare,
Because I want a taste.

I wanna know if she feels the same way,
If she cares enough to be my lady,
If those smiles and laughter
Mean anything more than just ‘friendly’.

Will I ever know?
Will she surprisingly ping one rainy night,
To say she had always been in love with me?
Will she let me hold her hands?
And tell her ‘every good thing will come’?
Will she kiss me senseless?
Will she sing to me?
And tell me all her dreams?
What will she do?
How will I know?
Tell me please!
Or, will I never know?
Will she never fall in love with me?
Will she console me forever?
With the same old simple phrase,
‘Best friends forever’…

26 thoughts on “How will I know?” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. This collabo is great!

    It would be great to do something like this o
    Who will collabo with me please…

  2. I like this! And welcome back to @jaywriter :)

    1. @Myne thanks a lot. I have just being a little like Guido Contini (Nine). Hopefully, I’ve found my ‘Nine’ idea.

  3. This

    Sweet too.

  4. This is great and sweet. Very sweet.

  5. Hian! una 2 na otemu =)) be rhyming blues so sweet I’m hearing Celine Dion’s “tell him” in my head. I totally love this poem! Babe, if you’re still confused, just send me a message =))

    Jokes apart. This is… AWESOME! Thanks for a wonderful collabo ;)

  6. Thanks muchos @kaycee @sylvia @sontel @Myne @jefsaraurmax @TolaO @Seun-Odukoya @ohmston @obiaguomba @daireenonlin . Really appreciate your comments!

  7. Just like others have said, I like this very much.

  8. Freakingly awesome! Cool collaboration!8-)

  9. Aawww…sounds like one of those beautiful love song collabos.

    Nice! @jaywriter and @dr2103 …I din’t know you guys were an item…this is lovely!

  10. Sweet….. I so hate it when that happens….never being sure. Good Job

  11. this is greatly collaborated,”but na jaywriter own hold water pass o!”
    frankly speaking the both lines are simply perfect.weldone!@jaywriter.@dr2103.

  12. Ooooh myyyyy goodnessssss! This is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
    It could easily be a song – should be sung in fact! I really love what you two did with this piece, Lord knows i can relate (and wish to heavens i’d get a response like the one @jaywriter gave). Smh.
    Thanks @Dr2103 and @Jaywriter. You both made me smile – and almost cry – tonight. :)

  13. Thanks @Afronuts @Olan @basittjamiu @kwiksie @kaymillion @aturnah!

    *ayam blushing over these your comments fa*

  14. I read this again. And i just want to say how much i love it…
    again. #facepalm

    1. Thank You, again. ♡♡

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