Holy Grail

Holy Grail


Holy Grail


A wide grin

Stretches my chin

As I flail

To grasp the Holy Grail


A sharp shriek

Says it’s bleak

For Baby Aaron

Needs immediate attention


Your turn

Says my dear chum

As I get a smooch

On my grumpy tooch


Not exactly perfume

This reek from him

But more troublesome

Was that gaze from him


My handiwork is a splatter

As the crib gets it worst

In time to mitigate the matter

Duro’s entry is a burst


I roll and giggle with Aaron

Making up lost time with my son

But my chum wants in

Grasping for a part in this scene


We waddle together

Loving each other like never

And at the end of this trail

I’ll take this particular Grail

For once in a while

Nothing beats a family smile

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  1. Nothing really beats a family smile!

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