Foolish Plastic!

Foolish Plastic!


Foolish plastic!
The one that keeps my sweated gold
Did make me put my trust in you.
I knew not that your bloodless heart
Would treat me so un-faithfully!

The trust I owed my cracked wallet
I did entrust to plastic you.
So here I stand, seething in rage,
My blazing eyes fixed on this screen!

Foolish plastic!
Is not this my birth given name
Engraved upon thy stupid face?
And yes, the riches of your vault –
Naira and Kobo – all is mine!

So why then do I press in vain
These quad digits that should ope you?
Say, have you not a thousand times
Been generous at their command?

Foolish plastic!
Wallet and pockets both emptied,
I’ll seek the one that made you mine,
Oh yes, these fists shall carve his face
Unless he gives me what you hoard!

…This poem is for all of us who have one time or the other been left stranded by the ATM machine! It should be read like a song, according to the rhythm, with 8 beats per line!

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28 thoughts on “Foolish Plastic!” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. This is unfair, xikay.
    Give the newbies a chance to win.
    Ok, Ok, i believe you wrote this one as a standard for all the other entries.


    1. Oga @kaycee, me I just scribble this one for one bank like so. Abeg o!

  2. oh well, do i stand a chance?

    1. @clemency…Of course you do…Most importantly, write well, and be satisfied with your work…Winning is secondary…

      1. Well spoken @sibbylwhyte. We all stand a chance…but we stand a greater chance of being known… and respected by the world!

    2. iys not always about winning the money @clemency. A poet seeks approval first and then gratification later…I wish you luck.

  3. Nice one xikay…shey na people wey get money for inside bank go dey sing this one?
    Well done…$ß.

    1. We sabi say billionaires like you no dey go bank commot money @sibbylwhyte.Na bank manager dey carry am come on Ghana must go bags…

  4. Nice one xixay. Wetin those plastics dey do men dem eh? hehehe. You might want to read a similar poem I did on something that is usually an arm’s length from ATM’s. Check it out

    Well done.

    1. Thank you @chemokopi… I read that piece and laughed…security machines can be so annoying sometimes

  5. @xixay i was just appraising your work, i jst heard of d contest yesterday so i’ll jst post my own poem when its ready. btw, apart from journalists who writes primarily for money ?

    1. How did you miss it @clemency ? I am really sad to hear that. Thanks for reading.

  6. Oga @xikay, this is nice, but not the best I’ve read from you. Love the topic though… we really need a poem about those annoying ATMs!!!!

    1. Ha @guywriterer, this one everyday thing na…I was even lucky to get this one. I had made up my mind not to contest until I happened on this while getting mad at a Bank with no kobo in my pocket.

  7. Oga xikay…And na so e go be for me in Jesus name…Amen…

    1. Mother in Israel aka @sibbylwhyte…now na prayer time ba?

  8. Ah! What can i say? …the emotions; anger, fustration etc they jump at you…great piece

    1. Xikay the pleasure is all mine… Really nice to meet people like you via their writings

      1. Awwww @ibagere!!! Now I am blushing, despite my black face.

  9. I think this is the first time I am getting a comment from @ibagere…thanks you very much

  10. This is really creative, treating the little things that make up Nigerian life.
    Kudos, @xikay.

    1. Thank you very much @kayceenj..I really do appreciate.

  11. hm… this is nice. I actually thought u were talking about credit cards…thank God those are out…hopefully for good. I knew quite a few people it threw into debt… you’re fine poet. Good work.

  12. ATM palaver too much oh. You captured it well Xikay…kudos! In my next world I won’t use them…

    1. In the next world oga @francis…. na heaven?
      thanks for reading.

  13. Xikay I like what you did with this piece, very niceeeee…

    1. Thank you @elly …where the heck have you been? Its been ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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