Cycle of life

Cycle of life

This story was told by a young man to his mother….

Dear Mother,

I have something on my mind that bothers me so much. One day, a young well-groomed lady worked into my class. How my heart missed a beat. I told myself that she was the finest angel I had ever seen. When she spoke, it felt like the rhythm of the quiet ocean. Her eyes were so captivating that was could get lost in them. For two month, I adored the fl0or she walked. So one day, i took my pen and wrote a poem; it was titled: “the most beautiful angel God created,”

When she read my poem, she looked at me so adorably and laughed. There was tears in her eyes. My heart shattered! I had just made an angel cry. So I told her not to cry that I would write her another poem. She smiled beautiful and told me that she loved it. These were her words:

”Write it again to me when you areĀ  twenty!”

For years, I waited and watched. I kept my heart solely for my angel.

Alas last month, I drove to where she lived. I had watched her for several years from afar. When she opened the door, she looked like a sculpture goddess. She looked at me and there was recognition in her eyes.


She mouthing my name made my heart leap so I gave her my poem again. When she finished reading it, I told her that I was now twenty- eight. She had tears in her eyes and sank to the floor. She looked at me so mesmerized in adoration and told me the sweetest world ever.

”I always loved you, James. I imagined you walking to my table and saying those beautiful words and today, I have seen you again.”

Then she broke my heart.

She told me that she had always waited for me but today she realized that one thing….

In the face of the world, she had fallen in love with a boy.

Like a man lost in the journey of life, I fade, Mother. Because for her, I lived.

This is the story of a mother to me…….

Dear Miss Sara,

Could I call you Sara! I know you would wonder why i am writing to you.

My son came home one day so happily and told me that he saw an angel. So I laughed but later saw that he was serious. Finally, I asked about this angel and he told me that she was his teacher. Two weeks later, he came home happily and said that his angel had told him she loved him. He was however so sad.His angel had told him to come back when he was twenty. I thought it was all a joke. For many years I watched my son stay out the way of women. When I asked him why? these were his very words:

”I promised my angel to write my poem again when I was twenty.”

As years went by, I realised that my boy had been caught in the webs of sacred love. I realised that he was never going to be with any woman but you. I then began to pray that you lit the candle in wait as you promised.

For thirteen years he waited, Sara. He worked hard that he would be a better man for you. He told me that he could feel you waiting for him. Every time he spoke those words, I had tears in my eyes. I had never seen such beautiful love not even with my husband. Two weeks ago, he laid down in my lap. His soul so badly grieved. So you lit the light as I prayed.

Do you throw away the baby with the bathing water? Sara Brown said that you do not throw away a true diamond even with its many cracks. So don’t hold the situation against him. Please hold it against me for bringing him into the world six years later than you.

From me to the world………….

Thirteen years ago, i was twenty-two. I had walked into a class and met a prince. When he looked at me, I felt I could see his soul. Then he told me that he loved me. Immediately my heart began to play games with me. He was so royal but I was a scarlet robe. When he told me he loved me, they were the truest world I everĀ  had. So I told him to write back to me in five years.

Everyday, I dreamt of him being a tall man. So dark and handsome walking down my way. However everytime he got me, he just faded into tiny air.

Today my prince is now a man. Tall fair and handsome but I have stopped being a lady but a woman. An old scarlet robe. My prince has finally come with the truest word the world had never said. But no matter how I tried, the cycle still made him a boy in my line. How does a woman love a boy she nurtured as a boy?

4 thoughts on “Cycle of life” by horpemiohtan (@horpemiohtan)

  1. This is…something.
    I have doubts to its originality, i don’t know why.
    There were lots of errors, and the story was somewhat confusing. I like it so much because i was able to fill in the gaps in the story.
    If you could rewrite this, and make it better, this story has classic potential.

  2. What’s that author’s name, that wrote the other side of midnight? Sidney Sheldon? This story has his touch; thought fraught with initial typos and errors, it took off and glided home like Usain winning Gold in London. It is a classic story…

  3. Hmmm…indeed, we can never catch up with or outrun time. Really good one.

  4. Read through in spite of multifarious glitches on the way. Good content, poor package.

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