Clarion Call

Clarion Call



The noise from the soldier’s┬áthundering┬áhorn

Rudely disrupts my pleasant sleep, I jolt.

Though i’m mad, I am too scared to revolt.

Like my mates, I leap from my bed and run,

It’s barely dawn, but our day has begun.

The morning breeze causes the dust to float,

It causes a nasty itch in my throat.

Oh ! I sigh , the day ahead won’t be fun.


Surrounded by a swarm of white t-shirts,

I match to the beats of the soldier’s drum;

“Left , Right , Left , Right” , deep within me I hum,

Immune to the pain on my feet which hurt.


I’ve denied pleasure and forsaken all,

’cause I want to obey the clarion call.


A sonnet of the everyday life of an NYSC Corps Member at the Orientation camp.

9 thoughts on “Clarion Call” by aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

  1. I love this one.

  2. @excellency
    let’s answer the clarion call oooooooooooooo

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