Beneath the Veil


A beautiful creation to look upon,

Her endowments cause the males to stammer as;

She treats them to the feast,

Revealing generous portions, of

What was meant to be covered.


The street cobbler gnashes his teeth for what he misses,

The shop keeper nurses his desire for her daily,

Her license she reserves for only the rich,

Who can pay and have it all,

Ignorance makes mockery of them.


They are carried away by pleasure,

Craving for even more,

She allows the indulgence.

What they do not see is HIV/AIDS

Initiating as many as drink from its stream.


13 thoughts on “Beneath the Veil” by Melody (@ifiokobong)

  1. God help us all.Not all that glitter is gold.thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks @ Kaycee and Sam

  3. @ifiokobong hmm…you can do beta. The message is strong, the delivery NOT!

    1. @shaifamily what is it about the delivery? Too short or too simple?

  4. @melody Nice poem. Almost a sonnet. Creates imagery. A good theme chosen.

  5. Lovely poem, very thoughtful.

  6. Plenty of sense here bro, but I think next time you should try to make it more juicy, though the message was gotten.

  7. haa…like this…especially with the devastating twist at the end.

    Quiet thot provoking – not all that glitters is HIV negative…lol

    Good job.

  8. So this poem teaches that we stop ogling half naked girls on the street :'( :( who will now appreciate their madness if we don’t laud them?

    Jokes apart, this was tight. and the message, succinct. Thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks everyone your your observations have been noted, lol @ afro and Daireen

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