All I Wanted Was A Drink

I knew that finding those women who hawked drinks and sausage roll at this time of the night was going to be a difficult task. Most of them closed after the evening rush hour traffic. The weight of my laptop bag firmly strapped to my back slowed me down as I dragged myself through the night. It had been a very hectic week for me, and my team at the office. There were so much to do with so little time that I closed late on a Friday night.

The worms in my stomach must have danced azonto when I spotted the wares of a drink seller beside an abandoned baba ijebu kiosk. But the seller was nowhere to be found. Where were those lacasera sellers when you needed them the most? After I looked around and found nobody, I picked a chilled bottle of La Casera and I dropped the money in the container. I opened the drink and took a gulp. I was still savouring it in my mouth when a hand grabbed my waist from the back and tried to lift me up.  I broke off the grip with my elbow spilling the drink in the process. I turned around to face my assailant. Her eyes shimmered like that of a hungry hyena and her arms were spread out like a goalkeeper prepared to save a penalty kick. An unkempt head of hair looking like a Versace logo, and mismatched combination of dirty rags were enough for me to ascertain her insanity. She must have sneaked out from behind the kiosk. Why tonight of all nights?

I figured I could make a fast break across the road to the other side. Everything happened so fast. I turned around, sidestepped the container of drinks, but missed my footing.  I fell face down to the pavement. I turned around just as she pounced on me. I heard a cracking sound. Ha! My laptop. I tried to wrestle her off me, just then she flashed her dracula-graded set of teeth. A tremor of fear ran down my spine.

There is this popular belief that if a mad person bites you, you become mad instantly. I guess today I would know for certain.

She clung tightly to my left hand. She flashed her teeth and I knew she was about to sire me into madness. I pulled her with my right hand but she was too strong. I struggled frantically, kicking violently as her teeth sunk into my flesh of my wrist.

I screamed awake. I looked around me to establish where I was. I was relieved that there was no mad woman beside me as my senses took in the details of my room.

I didn’t get much sleep again till daybreak. See what all these #Endthestory entries have caused? I am very sure it is from one of the entries that the mad woman had jumped into my dream!

9 thoughts on “All I Wanted Was A Drink” by Ayomidotun (@ayomidotun)

  1. I read this from your blog. I didn’t even know you are on NS

    1. Oh… so you saw it on my blog… I just thought I should share it here. It’s actually my first post here. Cheers!

  2. Funny ish! Yorubas will say ‘ise aye re oo’ =)) nicely written

    1. Ise aye.. yes ooo! Cheers!

  3. LOL. You for no wake na… :-P
    What if it hadn’t been a dream; how would you have ended it? Was it the madwoman selling the La Casera?

    It’s a nice story. Well done.

  4. Nice one, made for a good laugh…

  5. Lollll…. I would have dearly loved to know if madness can be transferred through biting..

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