These Writerly Encounters IV: Words, Like…

[A tribute to the writer’s first tool.]


Weft and waft of craft

silky locks, the one different from the other

until they copulate in perfect stretch,

the one flying over the other

the other passing under the one

the one passing under the other

the other flying over the one

to form a network

a neat plait.



Words, like…


Little for taste

Much for waste.


the first and last ingredient of cooking

Good food



‘Fcourse, stupid question.









Oh, well, yummy all the same!



Strung, are

the whiney tremolo of violins

that accompany the rap-pa-pap of the timpani

that blend in the sustained ring of the piano

right after the spurting hums of the guitar

that cues in the soprano

all in perfect harmony

eliciting sweet sense.




Like that horse I once saw

brown and gallant; chivalrous

clop-clopping past

unbridled, unsaddled.

Like those times I see the mountain dip into valley…

…rise onto mount

dip into vale yet again

in solid wavy motions.

…Like my queen on the day I met her

swinging her arms in slow nyanga, passing

throwing her head about

a little to the here

a little to the there

I caught her eye, she held mine

my soul drawn in

to a place where only grace and beauty live.



9 thoughts on “These Writerly Encounters IV: Words, Like…” by kayceenj (@kayceenj)

  1. Nice!…I like this….Well done…$ß.

  2. Sweet, with just the right touch of nyanga ;-) . I like it… alot. Well done

  3. Respect, man. Deep respect.

    This is the kind of poems i like to discuss and flesh out.

  4. Let me join the queue, I’ll try to understand later…

  5. I like, much. Good work

  6. This is fantastic, @kayceenj. I thought you weren’t a poet.

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