The Conversation

The Conversation

As I lay here enclosed
Enjoying this pleasant warmth
What becomes of me when exposed
To the outside world of wrath?

Oh! My dear baby unborn
The world itself is as pregnant as I am
There are moments for pleasure and moments to mourn
This is as true as the marks on the palm

Is it true that life is Cruel?
So I heard even before I was conceived
Mum please tell me if it’s real
So that in life I will never be deceived

Dear baby in few weeks time you’ll breathe your first air
Then gradually the reality you seek will unfold
Be God fearing and dedicated-life may be fair
My heart is filled with advice untold

Okay mum no more will I ask
Time there was when you were also in your mum’s womb
Without fear I’ll carry the task
And the inscription of my deeds shall be borne by my tomb.

12 thoughts on “The Conversation” by Alfa2 (@alfa2)

  1. @alfa2 Interesting poem.

  2. Woah! i love this!!! Good job @alfa2.
    Can i make wish for a more intimate tone? this world instead of the world, my palm for the palm? Can we have the words Mother Child before alternate stanzas so it reads like a poetic drama?
    in any case this was lovely and a great starter course in today’s Enestera Buffet.

    1. Thanks, am flattered, and after having viewed it from your suggested point of view, I realized how much color it would have added to the piece, all the same, thanks Sunshine for giving me this splendor from your ribbons of talent.

  3. Very interesting.

  4. Yes this is very nice. If our parent survived so will we and the next generation. Great food for thought.

  5. Inspiring.

  6. @Yahayamadu, Ablyguy, Kaycee, Amy78 and Amor, comments from people like you are part of the fuel that keeps me going in the realm of poetry, and for that I say thanks to you guys.

  7. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Emotional. It’s always fascinating to watch as a mother becomes 1 with the baby in her womb. well written piece (y)

  8. good angle to write a poem from…

  9. interesting poem. well done

  10. Fresh. Could do with more emotions, I think

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