Remember now thy creator
in the days of thy youth
while the evil days come not,
nor the years draw nigh when thou shalt say,
I have no pleasure in them; Eccl. 12:1
The sun is shinning today life is still in you
the day is bright and fair, with blood flowing in your vain
the breath of life is still in you with the normal duty going
all the same. When you finish your work here on earth
and you go to heaven you will remember the word;
remember; don’t allow the activities of time
and its pleasures to make you forget‘remember’ the lord,
what was lost and ‘remember’ lots wife.
Signs of the time are every where
and there’s a brand new feeling in the air
keep your eyes upon the eastern sky
lift up your heads for redemption draweth near.
The world is rushing on with its deeds,
fashion, and ways of life.
Don’t allow the pressure of life,
The activities of time to forget the Lord
Remember in the world,
the demand of the world
do not want you to think
about Christ if you don’t take note
of the world remember on the earth,
you will remember it in the grave (eternity).
All the people you’ve melt,
the places you’ve been to,
all the messages you’ve hard,
all the discipline you’ve gotten,
the conferences, convention and retreat
you’ve attended. Everyday when you wake
up meet and face with challenges
when faced with temptation and trials,
when your relatives are saying
is it the way you will spend your life?
When the false prophet is inviting you
to come over this place that place,
as a worker you are getting tired
of the work of God and you want to live
not to be serious and dedicated again.
Remember if you don’t remember today
while the porters of eternity is open
how the preachers labor on you
and you landed on the other side of eternity
with it doesn’t matter attitude. Numbers 15:39
you will say where am I? Then
you will remember the messages,
conferences, every discipline given to you
the preachers’ labor on you on that day
when no there’s no restoration, restitution and repair
then you will remember the lord. Eccl 12:1; psalm 119:55, 57, 60.
The first love we have
the commitment and name is still there
the activities are there how is it today
the commitment, consecration unto the lord Reve 2:4-5
what have we lost, the lost consecration and commitment
then the lord will forget the carelessness of the past
and you will be useful more than ever you imagine
remember what was lost. Reve 3:2.
The world will not continue to be like the way it is
remember history
past century, kingdoms and communities
all are given into changes. Luke 17:28-37
when temptation comes,
discouragement and difficulties come
on your way to heaven opinion of men and relatives
in the place of work tiring to make you compromise. Luke 17: 32
When things you abound in the past are tiring to come back
“remember lots wife’’ we are getting nearer the end of time
the demands of the world
it’s pleasure and ways of life is beckoning on us
standing on the promises of God never giving into change,

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  1. I pray we all remember.

  2. Sometimes we forget…

  3. very timely and crucial for the days we are in. keep it coming bro

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