Naija Dreams

We are the future

We are the world

We are the one

To make it work out

From the streets of Oshodi


Far into the distant land

Of great heart and mind

Comes a resounding of hope

Beckoning and screaming

We are the naija dreams


We seek for a nation

On that day when we all

We come to reality

That our land our nation is purge

From everything that devoid


Bringing hope back

Bridging the gap

Where there has been a deficit of trust

By the people from the government

Because the government of the day has failed


Restoring power in a peaceful co-existence

From the pedestal of power to the man in street

Where truth will stand tall with shadow high

Making integrity the watch in every homes, government

This is the naija dream


Where we seat as brothers

On the table of brotherhood

Talking and dialoging to solve and sort out our differences

7 thoughts on “Naija Dreams” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. You’ve got a real national dream @motitalk. I’m glad you think along those lines as well.

  2. broad unity is brought in have a spice of rhyme that binds one to the end.good job!

  3. This is an attempt

  4. Sweet dreams…

  5. Structural problem,
    that’s not really the emblem
    but that all sing the anthem!

  6. Great theme but rings untrue, wedont want to change, we are to comfortable to.

  7. Dream on. And check your spellings

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