He Makes Everything New

He Makes Everything New

As with the rising morning sun

That breaks the day with light

My savior’s clouds of blue and white

Create a lovely sight

Each fresh green leaf upon a tree

Each patterned colored petal

Are showered with his morning dew

Down to the littlest detail


He makes the sun to shine

Upon the just and the unjust

The rain He makes to beat the ground

So little seed grains burst

The lovely flower fragrances

That fills the atmosphere

Are there to show the beauty

Of his presence ever near


Behold, He moves to make anew

All lives brought in a sad plight

That people who will change will have

A life as new as bright

As golden summer sun reflections

Yellow moonlight beams

As the everlasting glory

Of the star at night that gleams


8 thoughts on “He Makes Everything New” by funpen (@funpen)

  1. Ahh this is so refreshingly sweet and comforting, heavenly and natural at the same time. :-) . beautiful. ( check littlest though )

  2. Words will never be enough to describe the greatness of God.

    Great poem, pal!

  3. I like this one..

  4. Very nice poem. I like the imagery although I think ‘rising morning Sun’ is a cliche now. Do you think you crafted the last verse well? Full stops could be useful in poetry too you know.

    Well done.

  5. Thanks to everyone, I haven’t been on the site for a long time, been pretty busy. All comments noted and appreciated! Was trying to write something a child might appreciate. Its actually a 10yr old poem

    @ sunshine- Really appreciate u ,
    @chemokopi- corrections noted

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