God please, Let me Live

God please, Let me Live

…That’s probably my blood isn’t it? Wait, where am I? Oh yeah, hospital. So I’m still alive!!!?? Sweet Jesus, thank you. Urgh, this doctor is ugly. So im just here, lying on a gurney, watching my blood dripping. Oh, here is my mom, Crying so hard. Guess I’m not in good shape then. Why can’t I hear anything? And it really hurts if I try to talk. God, there is so much blood!!! Who would have thought there was so much blood in my ….

Why is it so bright in here? Well,  I’m still alive. Thank you God, once again. Where is my mom? And it’s all Tomiwa’s fault. That foolish bastard. It’s weird that’s how I refer to my best friend. Insulting words to other people are our words of endearment. He really is like my brother. We have been friends forever. I always told him this was going to happen one day. Every time we go out, his eyes jumps from skirt to skirt, never keeping his eyes on the road. He is forever obsessed with women with big-behinds. Personally, like most things (including sex), I think it’s overrated. Only thing that can never be overrated as far as im concerned is vodka. So you have a big ass.what exactly am I supposed to do with it? What do I know though? I know nothing about stuff like that. The girl was not even fine. I shouldn’t have looked when he told me to. I should have kept my eyes on the road. Now I’m here. Wonder if he is alright. I hope he is. What would my life be without him? Why can’t I hear anything? Seems my mouth is wired shut. Man, that accident must have been really bad. Feeling so weak and sleepy, where is my mom? Why isn’t anyone here?

I keep drifting in and out of consciousness. I feel so doped up. I’m all sorts of high right now. Oh, an EKG machine? I never thought I’d see one so up close.  I assume all these machines I’m connected to are keeping me alive. Jesus, this scene eerily looks like one from an Episode of “House” or “Grey’s Anatomy”. I never thought I would live one. Well, I can always hope my doctor would be as good as Gregory House. Finally, a friendly face. Why is she still crying? I am alive aren’t I? I wish I could talk and tell her to stop crying. I don’t ever want to make my mum cry. And now she is smothering me with kisses. I always hated that, and she knows it. How am I supposed to communicate now? Get me a pen. Ah, finally, she understands my gesticulations.

“First, how is Tomiwa?

“He is Fine, don’t worry about him, how do you feel?”

“Fine ,mum, please stop crying, please? How bad is it? why can’t I hear anything?”

“Don’t worry about any of that for now. Just get better.”

“I assume I had a surgery? How long was It?”

“You were in the O.R for about 10 hours. Your dad will soon be here. He got on the next available plane.”

“Some of your friends have been coming around to see you, but I know you probably don’t want to see them.”

“Thank you mum. I really don’t want people to see me like this.”

I can feel myself drifting off again, but I have to tell her now, in case I never get the chance.

“Mum, I love you so much and you mean the world to me.”

“I know, just get some rest and get better. Your dad is here. I’ll be right back.”

My dad; I haven’t seen him in 6 months..

So many people in here. A doctor, two nurses.and finally my dad. He is crying too? Crap, this must be really serious. I have never seen him cry before. He is always so assured and confident, always in control; we are not so close, and we don’t talk much. He travels a lot.  Nevertheless, I still love and respect him. This is another doctor. He looks young, competent and looks like he knows what he is doing. That is something. This nurse is quite pretty. And she doesn’t disappoint too, she got plenty junk in the trunk. I can’t be the only one who has noticed nurses always seem to have big behinds? Tomiwa would think he has died and gone to heaven if he sees this nurse. I really hope he is okay. Ok, they are done talking to my parents. They are leaving. Why am I staring at her ass? That useless boy has infected me with his obsession with booty!!!!

“Son, how are you? I got here as fast as I could.”

“I know.why are you crying? I have never seen you cry before. You should be telling mum to stop crying, not joining in. Is it about what the doctor said?”

“He said you would need another surgery, and we really need to pray.”

“Please just get mum to stop crying. When is the surgery?”

“In a few minutes.”

Right on cue, the doctor and nurses show themselves. All of a sudden, the nurse didn’t look so pretty anymore. As I am wheeled out of my room, towards the O.R, I waved to my crying parents, with tears in my eyes, wondering if I would see them again. God, im scared. So very scared. I am just 18. I haven’t lived life. My parents would be all alone. God please let me live. I know I never call on you enough, or thank you enough, but I really need you now.

I want to live. All the things I want to do..where do I even start from? I have never even had sex before. DEAR GOD, AM I GOING TO DIE A VIRGIN? Overrated or not, I want to have sex. I am not ugly, but I’ve never been smooth with girls. I have maybe kissed just 3 girls, and the most I’ve gotten is third base. If I live, first thing im going to do is get laid, Somehow, every fucking day, even if I have to pay for it. I never took risks. I have been Living life so carefully, a total opposite of Tomiwa. Well, not anymore. I am going to live hard, party hard, try some weed maybe, and live every moment like it’s my last. My dreams of becoming an environmental lawyer, not just in it for the money, but changing the world for the better too, becoming a father..I am an only child, I’ve been looking forward to having a large family. I hoped to take care of my parents, especially my mum. Now I might never see her again. God please let me live.

Ok, seems the anesthesia is working. In these last moments that may be my last conscious thoughts, I realize there are also little things that I would miss… all the beautiful music I would never get to hear, the good books I’ll never read, and awesome movies I would never see. Places I would never visit, the joy of the combination of cake and ice cream, the exquisiteness of good chocolate as it melts on your tongue, garri and groundnut. I will miss my garri and groundnut. And of course, my vodka. My darling vodka.

God please, let me live…

10 thoughts on “God please, Let me Live” by abky (@abky)

  1. A reminder to thank God for the most awesome gift of all, Life. Thanks abky.

  2. A fair write. Story line is good but just about usual. I like your sentence stringing. just cool. Keep writing. xoxo

  3. Very readable, @abky. The voice of the MC is very realistic, sounding like someone who is about to die.

    Watch out for your punctuation, tho.

  4. Oh well…….something to laugh about. Nice piece.

    1. Yeah, just something to laugh about

  5. Funny part was, until the father said “son” i thought the MC was a girl. Really funny

  6. I feel this. Good

  7. Had a good laugh while reading this piece.
    Nice one.
    Good job.

  8. A good kick off

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