Don’t tread this path!

Don’t tread this path!

I was told it’s sweeter than honey

But stings worse than a bee


When used outside God’s plan

Don’t think you’ll go scot free


It’ll hunt you like a hunter,

It’ll chase you as you flee;

Don’t tread this path my brother,

Premarital sex ain’t free.


Why do you play with fire?

Why do you agree

To allow your sexual desire

Decide where you want to be?


Use your head my sister,

Your life will be the fee!

Adultery will sever it,

Premarital sex ain’t free


This thing they call ‘Condom’

May save you from disease

But in the process, I tell you, you’re goin’ to slavery!


Keep your body from fornication

Make your temple holy


Even if you do it in the dead of the night

God will still see


These songs that glamorize it;

These ‘stars’ on TV,

Listen not to theirs words

Immoral sex is RIP!


Money will not settle it,

Death- the hidden price tag

You’ll be reduced to a crust of bread

You’ll live in misery
Don’t veer from your auspicious future

Ruin not your destiny,

Don’t sow this seed my friend,

Abstinence is key


HIV is real

AIDS is no fantasy


Put on your clothes,

Zip up your pants,

Buckle your shoes,

Open the door,

Run away or you’ll be late


‘Cause your

Life will

Be the fee!

14 thoughts on “Don’t tread this path!” by ayistar (@ayistar)

  1. Yes o! Flee! Flee!! Flee!!! Lovely fresh, entertaining educating,expressive piece. I like it. Good Work

  2. Merci @nicolebassey .. It is the will of God..

  3. I like much this one. The message and the style.

  4. @ayistar Will you swear say you no de do am?anyway,good nursery rhyme.

  5. Nice one @ayistar. You’ve written this truth clearly. Correct.
    I like this verse so much
    Put on your clothes,

    Zip up your pants,

    Buckle your shoes,

    Open the door,

    Run away or you’ll be late

  6. Nice and poignant poem but too direct.

    Well done.

    1. @chemokopi thanks bt that’s Truth for you, it should not be sugar-coated..

  7. Nay, @yahayamadu swearin is not necessarily an evidence of truthfulness. Our ways are before God, he ponders our path.

  8. Good piece but I no gree. The repercussions of sex after marriage can also be as bad as premarital sex. So why all the hype on premarital sex. Crap crap crap…

    1. Tell me @francis what repercussions? God’s plan for sex is marriage. And It’s no hype, bro, it’s the truth!
      Read ur Bible!

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