Destroyed Motive 2

Few days later when she and James met again, and that’s when he had come to tell her about the time when him and his people will be coming to perform some of the traditional marriage rites as concerns his getting married to princess Jane.
“What is the trouble with you Jane?” He had asked her when she looked unhappy.
“I am fine.”
“But you did not look like you are fine.”
“Nothing is wrong with me.” she said coolly. He looked at her for a while and said;
“Or is there anything you want me to do for you?”
“If I tell you about it, will you do it?”
“If it is within my power, then I will do it for you without delay.”
She hesitated, putting on a faint smile.
“I want you to sing for me, using a guitar, will you do that for me now?”
James started to laugh ridiculously at her.
“This is not a laughing matter.” she added.
“But you know that I am not good in singing, talk more of playing a guitar, I have never tried my hand on any of them.”
“No problem.” she said, unhappy
“And I hope that it did not make you angry, because I can’t sing or play guitar for you?”
She sighed within herself and said; “I am fine, am not angry.”
He looked at her and shrugged peacefully.
“Well, am here as regards our marriage plan, me and my parents have fixed it to be on the last Friday of this month of September.”
She was silent enough, not saying anything to that.
“You are not saying anything, Jane?”
“What do you want me to say, of course I have heard you.”
“What is the meaning of that?” his face frowned
“Simply meaning that I heard what you just said.”
He looked at her sadly, and then said;
“And that’s all you can say?”
She hesitated.
“Listen to me James,” she paused briefly, “if you will ask of my opinion, then I will suggest that we put this marriage plan on hold for the main time.”
That talk surprised him very much.
“What is the meaning of that?” His face frowned deeper.
She was silent over that.
“I asked again, what is the meaning of that?”
“I have no reason for that, but I am just not ready for marriage issue for now, I really want to make up my mind about it first.”
“Make up your mind about what?” He retorted.
“About the marriage issue.”
“Are you out of your senses, Jane?”
“Do I look like one who is out of her senses?” she retorted
He eyed her sadly.
“I can see that something have come over you!”
She said nothing to that.
“For your information, me and my people will be coming to perform some of your marriage rites on the last Friday of this month, and my father will communicate it to your father soon, but you too must tell them about it.”
She hissed loudly and said; “I am not ready for marriage for now, and that is final.” she got up and left at once, ignoring his call.
“What is really wrong with this girl, what have come over her of lately?” He wondered miserably, “well, I have to wait until your father is back from his travel, then I will talk to him about this your recent stupidity and foolishness, because I can not handle it alone.” He mumbled to himself and left shortly, unhappy.
Meanwhile Jane kept going to listen to John sing and play his guitar during the evenings, and her feelings for him kept growing stronger with each evening she stay with him, listening to him sing his good melodies and his perfect play of the guitar, but she have not trusted herself enough to letting him know about her feelings for him.
Days later, when Jane’s father had returned and Prince James got to know about it, he came to his palace, though not meeting Jane at home. He told Jane’s father all that had started to happen between him and Jane of lately; her lack of interest in their marriage plan, and some other things.
“How could she be that stupid?” Jane’s father frowned
“I am surprised at her recent attitude, that she even had to tell me that she needs to make up her mind about our marriage plan, and when I tried to know her reasons, and then she told me that she is no more interested in the marriage at all, and just walked out on me embarrassingly.”
“Do not feel too bad, Prince James, women are often hard nut to crack, especially at their youth stage, please don’t be over angry with her, I will talk to her and get back to you soon.”
“No problem, your highness, but I am suspecting that she is seeing somebody secretly which could be the main reason for her lack of interest in our marriage plan after all.”
“That can’t be possible.” king doubted
“It could be possible, your highness.”
“Then I will have to keep a very close eye on her and her activities, to find out about that man who is distracting my daughter, I must do exactly that.”
“Better, your highness.”
When Jane returned to the palace house later in the evening, her father had quickly summoned her for a talk.
“You sent for me father?”
“Yes, I did, seat down first.”
She sat quickly.
“What is it that I am hearing from Prince James about you?”
“About me?”
“Yes about you.” his face was mean.
She hesitated, purposelessly.
“I told him that I need time to make up my mind over our marriage plan, and that’s all.”
“And what is the meaning of that?”
“To be honest with you father, I am no more interested in getting married to him.”
Those words tingled her father’s ears.
“Are you alright, my daughter?” his face grimaced.
“I am fine, father.”
“I don’t think so; just listen to yourself…..hear what kind of rubbish that is coming out of your mouth.”
“Whatever that I have said to either you or Prince James, I have said it with my right senses.”
Her father was just looking at her, bewildered.
“Who is that man that has started to distract you lately, that wants to destroy your life?” he started again
“No man, father.”
“I can’t believe you.”
She said nothing to that.
“listen to me Jane, I will give you enough time to regain yourself again, because if you think that you can bring shame and disgrace unto this my noble home, then I will not be alive to watch you do that, I give you my words… may leave now.”
She left without an utter.
That did not even change her mind, for she still goes out in the evening to listen to John sing and play his guitar. And it was during one of these evenings that she disclosed to him about her love feelings for him.
“You can’t fall in love with a commoner like me, an illiterate and jobless villager, when you have all the prince of many kingdoms waiting to have you as a wife.” He told her, peacefully.
“Stop being naive, love does not choose where to fall, and my own love has found you………you have really been making me happy for a long now, and no one has ever done that for me except you.”
Still, that did not change his mind.
“But my princess, what you want us to start is practically not going to be successful.”
“Because your father will not be alive to see that happen. Many people see me as a useless person in this village and as such your father won’t accept for our love.”
“Who will tell my father by the way?”
“He will eventually know.”
“If we play mature, then be rest assured that he will never know about our love for each other. And I will always help you out in any of your problems, be it money or any other thing.”
At that, his heart melted for her.
“You have really made me happy this evening, and I will not forget it in a hurry, I promise to always make you happy too.”
“okay.” He nodded.
“Listen to me John, always feel free to tell me of your problem, I will always be glad to help, be it money problem or any problem.” She told him again.
“Okay.” he felt happier inside of his heart.
She looked at him with her eyes smoldering with a lot of passion, then she smilingly said;
“Won’t you sing for me again?”
He too looked at her and smiled, then started to sing for her delight. And when it was time for her to leave, she got up and looked at John for a longer while, which made him to blush, before she then said to him;
“I want to return to our house before my father begins to search for me, especially as I did not go out with my maids.”
“No problem.” he was still seated on the stone
“Not even a kiss from you.” She said smilingly
John felt a bit shy though said; “this is an open place, people could see us and go gossip to your father about it.”
“Who cares about their gossip?”
“For our own good.”
“Will you do it or not?” She was beginning to get angry.
He reluctantly rose from his position and went closer to her, gave her a swift platonic kiss, though half heartedly.
“That was great of you.” she smiled at him before leaving shortly.
John sat back into his position, watched at her leave, the suddenly remembering what his mother had told him sometimes ago; ‘I know the tricks of women, they are easily carried away by one thing or the other that makes their heart happy, just be careful.’ he thought over it again and again, then shook his head and said to himself; “my mother could be right after all, it’s beginning to happen now.”
Though when he got home, he did not share that encounter with the princess to his mother, but all the experiences with her remained so fresh in his mind throughout the remainder of that day and for some other days.

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