CALL FOR ENTRIES – Anthology of Poems for Children

CALL FOR ENTRIES – Anthology of Poems for Children

Kunlaj Ventures is looking for children poems of four to seven lines for kindergarten and nursery school pupils between the ages of four and six. The poem should be simple, easy, and comprehensive and vocabulary should be taken into consideration. This is part of Mr. Akeem Ajibade’s effort in helping upcoming Nigerian writers to discover and develop their creative writing skills and talents.

About the Organization

Kunlaj Ventures is one of the leading publishing and media consultancy outfit based in Ibadan, Oyo State. The outfit has published many literary books mainly for Children.

About the Organizer

Akeem Ajibade is a Poet, Playwright and Novelist. He holds M.A in Theatre Management from University of Ibadan. He is an immediate past Vice Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Oyo State Chapter and the present Public Relations Officer of the Association of Nigerian Independent Publishers (National Body).

Submission Rules

  • Language Medium – English, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.
  • Poetry Type – Children Poetry.
  • Participants should be between the ages of 10 and 35.
  • Poems should be between the minimum of 4 lines and maximum of 7 lines.
  • Entrants should include the followings alongside their works – Age, Location, Tel. No., A Sentence of not more than 25 words describing the poem.
  • Permission to Publish your work among the shortlisted entries.
  • All entries must be submitted to:, latest by September 31st, 2012.
  • Any signs of plagiarism will disqualify the contestant.


  • Shortlisted entries will be compensated and published .

For more information call:

Mr. Akeem Ajibade

08057020163, 08183232764, 08072673852

13 thoughts on “CALL FOR ENTRIES – Anthology of Poems for Children” by Society of Young Nigerian Writers (@wolex)

  1. hmmm, compensated with how much? It is great to be published but imagine being compensated with 1000 naira and thus being disqualified from all those ‘unpublished poet’ prizes. I pray it is worth it sha… . Amen

  2. Our country is multiethnic, and although I come from one of the so-called major ethnic groups, it irks me whenever I hear just these three groups used to…um… summarise our ethnic diversity. What about the other eth-groups? Are they unimportant?…

    I think for the sake of unity (of language), let’s go with English and Nigerian pidgin for these poems; these are two languages the MAJORITY of Nigerians recognise and speak well, including these children, so don’t give the excuse that kids shouldn’t be exposed to ‘bad English’. Pidgin is a language on its own, and a necessary one at that!

    Wonderful initiative, SYNW. Perhaps if I’d been exposed to much poetry as a kid I’d have had a muse there too. Carry go! :-)

    1. pls let’s not even go into the ethnic issue on just call for submissions…I’m sure you do not expect them to list all the possible ethnic languages possible here.

  3. I need to shave some months from my age

  4. 4 to 7 lines? i dont think i can do that

  5. Okay oo. We still dey shaa.

  6. Good initiative.

  7. “To you all little babies I dedicate this pretty piece. You see, your smiles and squeaks and your dimpled eyes arouse a kind of angelic ‘something’ in me. And when I carry you sleeping on my bosom, the divine serenity and freshness of breath; and life that surrounds me, takes my breath away. You are beauty personified!”

  8. I called this man.
    His voice meant it.
    Try, try, try call him too.

  9. Literary creativity is the conduit of artistry!…let’s get there,literary glitterati

  10. How many entries per entrant? The submission rules seem silent on that.

  11. tell d children
    tell it to them
    tell it to them
    to build quotient
    while read their books
    and some chess
    o our teacher, tell it to them *jonzin*

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