Beautiful Fuel

Beautiful Fuel


The smile in full

Like water in a pool

Breezing in boisterous breeze


Like tomato punched

The color of her face coated

In the perfect point pod


Like rain drizzling

Her body a moment frozen?

Life would know no more mint


In the want of a tool?

A poster for beauty school

She a masterpiece miracle


My heart punctured

Like mud stamped for angry ends

My heart ablaze

Like fire consuming with craze

Who will hear my story?

Who will feel my poetry?

Her hair flowing like falls

Her gait making my heart pause

Her torso a perfect curse

A fragment of God’s cross

Eyes like chinese

Balls holding so much promise

I cant even forsee

The payment of her lease

This sight I beheld in trembling

My ink stopped writing

The purpose of my lingering calling

Right there in my seeing

I took the giant step of faith

Then I remembered mama’s quote

Dont go near the ironed coat

Though better than my pot

Wont last you for a month

My heart bled

My courage fled

My legs stopped

My eyes cried

Who will hear my story?

Who will feel my poetry?

Mama would say

They are beauty today

Rubbing your heart to pray

Unexpectedly dropping it to fail

Leaving you in pain

My eyes are soaked in tears

As I remember this day to bear

My pain in fear

My feelings never to share

How can life be so cruel?

Why she a beautiful fuel?

If only fate woul organize a duel

Death I would risk for one jewel

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  1. Well done. Keep improving.

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