AMY78 WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? A Page from my Life

AMY78 WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? A Page from my Life

Five months ago….

Sometime in the early hours of a Sunday morning. I woke up. Though I did not set an alarm, I had somehow wired myself into making sure that I would wake and I did. I lay still briefly allowing the last vestige of sleep to clear from my eyes. Then turned and wrapped my arms around the love of my life. Always a light sleeper my husband instantly snuggled closer.

”Are you asleep?” I whispered.

Truth be told I was feeling a little guilty even though we had discussed this a few days back. My husband isn’t a very good night sleeper, so having to wake him didn’t really please me.

“No, I am not. What is it? Are you alright?” He asked.

“I am fine. It’s just that … now would be a good time to work on baby number two… ” I said brazenly. (Bold right? Especially from a woman, but you get that way after a few years in a happy marriage.) Needless to say I didn’t have to repeat myself…Guys don’t pass up such opportunities you know. And so much later we both went back to sleep in each others arms content and satisfied.

A week later…

I was stressed up and I knew that I still had quite some time to wait to find out if we had succeeded. I have been trying to stay calm but it hasn’t been easy. You see some time ago I looked at my first born son and realised he would be turning three in just a few months time. Where had all the time gone? I didn’t want that big of a space between my kids. I wanted the boy to have some kind of a companion. You know a mate he could play with. Statistics show that it may take as long as year to achieve conception. If it took that long his sibling would be addressing him as “Uncle.”

To be fair to myself I haven’t be looking forward to another journey into motherhood and with good reason. My first experience had been really bad. The whole nine month was a nightmare from start to finish. (I had complications which I may share in another story someday.) So though the outcome was my adorable little boy whom I love to death. I wasn’t looking forward to making that expedition again. So I happily sat back and watched the boy turn one, two and now three??? Oh no!!! Time had caught up and quite possible over taking me. Well there was nothing to do but wait and see …

Almost two weeks after…

“We didn’t succeed. ” I told my husband miserably as he was getting ready for work.

“ How do you know? Have you taken a test?” He asked.

”No, I just don’t feel pregnant.” I replied glumly.

With my son I had known almost right away that something was amiss.

“It is not a big deal will try again next month.” He said calmly.

But I didn’t feel really consoled. What if this process does take up to a year? But I couldn’t rewind the clock. So I did my best to put it behind me and faced forward.

Two weeks and two days later…

I stared at the thermometer in my hand a cautious hope beginning to grow in me. I was two days late… and I am never late and my temperature was still elevated and holding. (I have always had a cycle that kept to time and for those of you are not to knowledgeable about stuff like this you can monitor ovulation and conception using a thermometer.)

Right away I wanted to take a pregnancy test to check. But I held myself. I will go out to buy the test kit but I was going to wait to take the test in my husband presence. See I tried a kind of Holly/Nollywood suprise on oga the first time I got pregnant. I took the home test in secret and then went to the hospital to confirm it and came away with a piece of beautiful paper proclaiming our new status as prospective parents. I presented the document with flourish excepting a “Wow baby we’re pregnant!”

And he would lift me up in the air and kiss me and all that and all that…

But instead he looked at it and said “You went to take a pregnancy test without telling me?”

I was floored.

“I…I wanted to surprise you.” I splurted.

“You should have just told me…”

“I wanted to be sure after the home test so I…”

‘” You did a home test first?”

Ouch! To cut the long story short. It didn’t go very well. (Lesson: Be careful what you borrow from T.V!!!)

D-Day…test day.

I came out of the bedroom brandish a test strip. “I want to take a pregnancy test.” I announced.

Oga was stretched out on the sitting room carpet half asleep. He tried to cover the look of surprise on his face but wasn’t quiet sucessful.

“I thought you said you were sure you weren’t pregnant.” He said.

“Well, I think I was wrong and I am taking the test right in front of you just there way you want it, care to join me in the bath room?”

The look of discomfort on his face was priceless. (I am not sure he wanted to be that up close to the entire process.) Laughing I took pity on him and left him in the parlour and went to the bathroom. A minute later I emerged.

“We have to wait for three minutes.”

My sweetheart was trying to look unconcern. But not doing very well. It was the longest three minutes in existing for the both of us and I was loving it. After all why should I be the only one tensed up? Tick tock, tick-tock …ting!

I went back in to check on the outcome and took in a deep breath and exhaled. I came out and handed the result to him. He looked at it and looked at me and I yelled GOAL!!!!!!!!!! And he smiled and shook his head.

Another two weeks down the line…morning sickness in over drive…

“I feel horrible… this is the last child we are having.” I moaned.

“Yea, yea …two years from now you will be looking for midnight action again…” said prince charming.

Of course I had reply for that.

“Are you making fun of me? I am here suffering and you are making fun of me. It’s not fair…you men just don’t understand… come and get pregnant just once and see how it is. I don’t know why God did not make it so that we could alternate….”

“Oya sorry now… I was only joking…. ”

“I don’t blame you. You can crack jokes because you don’t understand how it feels! Infact…”(And we are off!! Argument number…)

And so there you have it, my long absence from the forum in a few lines. Special thanks to my husband for allowing this peak into our lives. Our bundle of  joy is due at the end of year. Hope to be able to resume writing and posting full time now that I am finally feeling better. Cheers!!!

p.s  For those of you who where following my series ” Tunde  and Seun …Remi and Toyin”  Sorry for the break in transmission. The final installements will follow shortly.


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  1. Congratulations to you @amy78, I wish you good health through till your E.D.D.

  2. Wow! This Is BOLD sister, Very entertaining read, lovely memoir, God bless good men like yours they keep giving us dramas like these. Cheers!

  3. @amy78 So dis is what took you out of the NS radar for a “few weeks”eh?

    Nigerian population + 1 in a few months’ time.

  4. Thanks guys! I am glad u like it. The last time I wrote any thing about myself was my WAEC essay.Decided I needed to try out again.Wishing everyone success in whatever stage of your relationships you are.

  5. Melody (@ifiokobong)

    woah congratulations in advance amy,can’t wait

  6. Come and teach these newbies how to write jare.
    And that baby must be a boy, we don’t want another small girl to encourage the female equality group.

    1. Amen, bro. ***fleeing… and taking cover**

    2. Another boy? What will guys chase and marry if they are only boys everywhere? Be careful what u wish for… On the order hand I am glad to have been able to get a good review from you. You are one of the tougher criticts around… Thank you.

  7. Just reminded me of…me. Kai its not easy. I envy those who breeze through it.

  8. Lo! this is real.
    I believe in the girls child, let it be a girl; a boy?
    Both good. Good piece.

  9. you write beautifully well @amy78. Nicely done.

  10. Nice read ,congrats.I pray God grants you a beautiful healthy baby.

  11. Sweet. Lovely. Now am getting jealous, hmmmm. Wish u de best of luck. Good piece.

  12. I smell triplets

    1. Tri- what?Abeg ooooo that is going overboard. Not in the Nigeria of today.

  13. Thank you all for your prayers, support and best wishes.

  14. LOL…you are very funny. I like tihs post..Keep it up please

  15. This is such an interesting and funny tale of reality. Congrats on your burgeoning family.

  16. Hilarious. But it feels better, realising it’s not even fiction-but real. Wishing you all the best @amy78

  17. Thank you all very much.

  18. Ha! Your husband is a sharp shooter. This one will be easier than the first, I guarantee you…

  19. My oh my. By God, this is brilliant writing! Creative, funny, original, real, fluid, engaging: all these are tagging this very beautiful story proudly. Very nice indeed.

    Congrats on the success of your expedition. We do pray for a wonderful final victory.

    *small criticism: a mature writer NEVER uses more than one exclamation or question mark. Just one would suffice.

  20. Noted. Thank you for the two thumbs up!

  21. Ville (@ville)

    @ villebilingue: hmm… congrats ooo, i lyk ur plot :) yeah, and love the deep closeness you share with hubby. am sure big bro will be excited to know that he has a wee babe coming soonest!

  22. Oh! Now I understand. I hope you’re doing good baby?

  23. Hi, I am doing great. Looking very round now …wondering how I am going to loose all the weight loll! Thanks.

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