3 reasons why getting an editor is a good idea

3 reasons why getting an editor is a good idea

1.      Four eyes are better than two: We are not talking about glasses here… Having someone else read over what you’ve written brings a fresh pair of eyes to your piece. When you write a piece and read over it several times, it’s quite easy to miss errors and vagueness. An editor will often be quicker to spot spelling and other mistakes, or point out parts of your text that are unclear.

2.      The written word lives: Long after you’ve put down your pen, your words live on for new audiences to read and assess. Beyond avoiding mistakes, you also want your writing to move more and more people to action. The written word is a powerful tool; with an editor, you ensure your words are working for, not against, you.
3.      Editing is a skill: People have never had to write as much at work as they do now, from emails to social media posts. While writing is a general skill that we all need, an editor is a professional trained to work with words. Editors look out for three basic things: clarity, conciseness and compelling text. As basic as these are, we often taken them for granted when we write. Editors take your writing from just getting the job done, to getting the job done well!

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  1. Fact!Let me say this- some editors are something.They tear your heart apart making you regret why started to write at first.

    1. What! That’s bad. Editors are supposed to help not discourage. Although if one is looking for ‘great work’ all the time, it is better to show the work to one’s mother. Mothers never run out of ‘great works’.

  2. Nice tips,
    hope Editor`s will be more commited than tearing one`s heart apart lol.

  3. Nice submission.

  4. adams (@coshincozor)

    truth is found here… but @editiq i want to say you are a good marketer! that’s all

  5. Thank you.

    Hope your publicity is working.

    1. Your cynicism is unbecoming @kaycee, @coshincozor… hehehehe.

  6. CHARLES (@literarymouthpiece)

    Hmm. Sorry to say, but I feel that this submission is done from a commercial angle. And not entirely to let us know the importance of your assistance.

    Anyway, I have learnt something today, thanks all the same.

    1. Hi Charles,
      You’re right EditIQ is a business but part of our mission is to share free information and tips on writing and editing. We do not offer editing for fiction at this time anyway, so by posting here the purpose is not to get business from writers on this forum but just to share ideas that may be useful.

  7. well we do need editors- good points

  8. That’s good. Every writer needs an editor.

  9. yes, yes,

    having an editor is a good idea just as long as the editor can be trusted to be honest with your work and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms.

  10. Editing. A good editor is hard to find. Especially one that can point out flaws without dampening your spirit. But then writers should also always expect the worst case scenario too.


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