Wrong swathe gaze locked

And time froze

Everything lost meaning

The fuel, eyes, monstrous, beguiling

Consumed in the now

Lips, luscious, lethal

Heart, conceited, deceitful

Mouth, wild, wide

I don’t care

Champagne carried in wine glass

Stem stroked in euphoria that never was

Rocking arms, strong, shielding

Breath, warm, sizzling

Shoulders, broad, squared

Self wreaked ache, bubbling coal

Cold burns, burning still

Steel, warm, magic

Legs, weak, yielding

Pleasure, giving, receiving

Stroke melting senses away

Comfort, sorrow, tears

Tears, blood and more blood.

7 thoughts on “Toxic” by Nika (@pexxy)

  1. Interesting but unclear in many places, keep polishing your art

  2. Good work, but could have been better if written clearer.

    1. KC…I’ll wk on it.

  3. ….and what was your mood and the hood that inspired Toxic?
    Yeah, good work, check on polishing/clarity.

  4. Opposites. Something that seems good for one might ACtually be toxic. Many ways I could take this, so well written in that way. However, check on some of the words used. They may be wrong in context – like swathe in the first line.

    1. swathe-wrapped isn’t out of place for me…cuz it’s true to have once gaze locked on a wrong thing.

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