The Taste Of It

The Taste Of It

I have licked tongue in lust
I have clothe a body in the height of emotion
I have touched the third leg of him to arouse emotion
I have unveiled my two upper balls to gain attention
I have gone to the extreme to make him mine
I know the taste of it
I know the colour of it
Cos I have felt the heat of it
I have been in it
And yes,
I will not deny it
It is a thirst I dare not quench
It is a stream I dare not dry
A fire I dare not kindle
Cos it brought out the animal in me
First time I felt pain when my silk was turn
Second time I felt pleasure cos my hole had been widened
To be keen
It refreshes my skin
It was skin to skin
We had it at the peak of emotion
Yes, we had it on the floor
We were in a rush
Couldn’t lock the door
Right on the floor,
We clothe each other with flesh
We lost the memory of warnings
And wrote the story of feelings
Feelings that passes like season
Oh! We lost our health to lust
We buried our future in the pleasure of it
We had the taste of it
But then we lost our health to it
We naked ourselves to its pleasure
Unknown to us that it’s the closure of our future
We aided ourselves to get AIDS
If, if and if only
If only the third leg was coated
If only the private hole was rapped
I wouldn’t be down with HIV/AIDS
But until I got it, I never knew
If you cannot abstain
Then take condom and sieve it
Sieve it before you taste it
Rapp it
Coat it
Save a life, save your future
Cos AIDS is real, as real as death
AIDS is real, protect yourself.

11 thoughts on “The Taste Of It” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    hmmm raw fresh vivid lusty poem. Does put more emphasis on the thrill of the act than the Health fact though… Nice

    1. Don’t agree. Spells out clearly the health bit. Not a bad piece.

  2. Umm…It’s okay, quite simple but overly so. That word ‘health’ was too telling, and towards the end you explained the poem in a gush. That leaves little room for more and varied interpretations.
    But this is fine. You have a tight concept. Just tighten things up a bit more. **high-five** ;-)

  3. Nice!

    But I wish you weren’t too direct on what it was about–HIV AIDS I mean.


    “Feelings that passes like season” should be “pass” not “passes” and probably “season” should be “seasons”

    Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemokopi, thanks for the correction. I will take to it.

      For being too direct on HIV/AIDS, it’s intentionaly done to eraze the feelings the erotic words might have aroused in the readers’ mind. Thanks a lot.

  4. Very disgusting poem.
    Well done.

  5. whao.. nice 1… I was thinking you were telling us the joy in Lust before you spoil all the fantasy with its disadvantage.

    nice 1 sha!

  6. the first part of the poem – the lusty part – succeeds; it captures interest with excellent imagery. The second part – the safety part – fails; it jumps on the scene from nowhere and still fails to spring a good surprise – it could have made a more nuanced or truly shocking entrance. Altogether, good work, and the message is a truly important one.

  7. Thanks a lot. The sudden introduction of the bitter consequence is to reduce the sensual emotion caused by the erotic expresions used at the begining of the poem in d mind of the readers and to bring the dream minds back to reality, though I will think and work on d concluding part again. Thanks a lot for your observation.

  8. folks a little care will suffice cause the dreaded disease is still around- good poem though

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