The Prayer Apocalypse.

The Prayer Apocalypse.

Silent whispers for the
Earth will rain from
The clouds of love, from
Heaven who loves you.
It is the time of the
Bars to break like stand-still
Visuals from Mars. And the victims
With sour silences dancing
On moving screens, will
Touch the break.
The apocalypse,
A whisper to God to
Free. Break. Divide. Break!
 Don’t close this
Door O Lord, without the
The rhythm will stale
And stay…and the mouth
Of the Prophet will heal
The bones and command flesh.
May the Lord White the
Break Lord, and
Bring the great apocalypse…
The crack will not
Crack the souls, and prayers
Of doom will stale…see them
Torn by the flogging winds
To shreds, and prisons gone!
We have reached the world’s
Everest heights, and
We will not rest here.
Let stories entertain your
May grace speed
With winged flights…
Help us list vanities twined
And lost.
Break, don’t preach us
Infertile, and we
 like draught-dog
By wayside.
Make us wash the
Nightmares we dream, and
After the horrors,
Return us another chance!
I sing the song that
Sits on the soul. Drown the
World to the cross…because life
Do not like this
Burning sun; break with the
Prayers, and lighten us from
The dead places we love.
Let this heart create the
World again, let the prayers
Make the break.
Still in desert-chains
We wait,  and the others
Burying themselves in secret
We live where the
Sun never sets…
But break Lord,
And save, before
The door put the world away!

10 thoughts on “The Prayer Apocalypse.” by Dike Dyke Williams (@dwilliams)

  1. I liked the cadence and the message. But try to make the lines more coherent.

    1. No problem Myne. Thanks

  2. your poem is great

  3. Great rhythm ,
    unclear meaning,
    some lines flash brilliance,
    Some others court questions,
    not a bad one
    No, not a bad one. :-)

  4. Thoughtful.
    “But try to make the lines more coherent.” @Myne
    @Nicolebassey. “Great rhythm ,
    unclear meaning,
    some lines flash brilliance,
    Some others court questions….”

    Consider these too.

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