Telephone Conversation

G-r-r-r-i-i-n-g!!! Strident, three times.
Picked at last. Hello, who’s there?
Chief Three Necks. In steady mimes.
This is Sonia? I paid your fare.
This you must know, sweet Sonia;
You’re killing me with insomnia.

Silence. Well, are you handsome?
Emm…. There’s this scar. Tension.
I do not have a pretty form.
OK. How about education?
If beauty is not your calling,
There should at least be schooling.

Indignation. This I don’t need.
Education did not give me my pot belly.
Tell me, won’t you do the deed,
And live forever, quite happily?
Pause. Then, said in a whisper, but to reach.
Are you rich?

Ah! Confidence comes.
Chief Three Necks is the richest man in town.
Daughters come, sent by desperate mums.
One here now, in a revealing gown.

Hesitation disappears, like snow in sunlight.
Darling Chief, do not depart.
Please take me in your great might.
I’m yours till death do us part.

20 thoughts on “Telephone Conversation” by magic (@magic)

    1. @Kaycee; Coming from you, this is praise indeed. Thanks

  1. lol…Nice poem! I love the style…the imagery is clear and hilarious…and very realistic as it depicts a truth of today’s society mindset towards relationships…it even echoes what goes on when people seek love on the internet.

    The simplicity is refreshing…I’m feeling it.

  2. Though I think the title is rather too broad and that Soyinka has something with that title as well, it’s still a nice poem and this style could go places with you. Kudos. :)

    1. Yes. I loved Soyinka’s Telephone Conversation. Thanks

  3. Simple and clear message yet retaining taste of a good poem. I love the style

    1. I appreciate your comments. Thanks

  4. Hmm, I hate a wasted journey… nice work @magic

  5. The composition is good, but surely the likes of chief don’t need to beg on the phone?

    1. Don’t bet on it…

  6. Hahahaha. Splendid.

    1. Thanks for reading

    1. Thank you so much

  7. Hmn… I like the style plus the wit

    And someone is about to join the harem of Chief Three Necks :)

    At the faintest hint of the Chief’s coin

    Looks and education to Hell be damned!

    Me likey!

    1. me happy. Thanks

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