Tears Of Hope

There goes the tumultuous movement and gathering momentum in the firmament
Gust and eddies moving fiercely in the horizon, forcing all creations created into refuge
Darkness looms as the firmament becomes engorged and ready to burst
And suddenly just as it started, the firmament bursts, unleashing its tears of hope ferociously on mother earth and all its constituents
Tears of hope mix with the earthly torrents as they tumble on the plains, cascading down the hills, and move in a serpentine manner on their onward journey to a point of no return.
The sun rises again after the bedlam and creations that have been bathed by the tears of hope begin to sprout and grow as they begin a new life
Oh tears of hope how beneficial you are to all earthly creations as they cannot wait for your return, although your visit is often heralded by much panic and confusion…

4 thoughts on “Tears Of Hope” by babsiwalewa (@babsiwalewa)

  1. The title was too bland.

  2. Quite a lovely message in your poem, but you didn’t really showcase your mastery of words. Like, yoou used begin twice in he second to last stanza. Try to rephrase it with more creativity.

  3. It amazing the different kinds of imagery we can create from rainfall. I remember one where they were seen hilariously as water spilled as a result of angels doing laundry in the heavens.

    nice poem…the metaphor of tears is powerful but like Myne said, you didn’t do enough justice to it. It can be better.

  4. The imagery is a bit bland. Good try

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