Rig Worker

Rig Worker

Rig worker


If only you knew you are a slave worker


Doing the biddings of your task master.


In town, you are the lord,


Impress the less priviledge with your stipends


The women you discard like leaflets,


But on the field you are a mere labourer.


Painting, sweeping or scrubbing


You are a graduate,


But your boss is an illiterate


You come from a noble background


But you are ordered around by ex-cons.


Just because you are black and he is white


You take everything he says as right


Your brothers you treat like crap


Snitching just to kiss some ass.


The white insults you to your face,


But you smile cos the money has the final say.


Rig worker, rig worker


I may tell you this but you are not bothered


How would you when the money feeds your father, mother and brother.


You think you have won the rat race


But you are still a rat


Cos only rats win the rat race

4 thoughts on “Rig Worker” by chika nwakanma (@afroxyz)

  1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Woah! This Is POETRY! Lovely! Wow… a thousand thanks for this … Beautiful!

  2. Nice one. I love the last line.

  3. Not just the rig worker, my friend…

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