Repented Player

In a relationship everything starts all fine in the beginning, how you cant stay away for 30minutes without calling your boyfriend/girlfriend to say “i love you”. That’s Good, there is nothing wrong with that, but the sad thing is,  its only a phase  called the “cupcake phase”, where u go all “lovey dovey” until reality hits you. suddenly you switch from “i love you” to “damn you girl!!! ” I can’t stand you, what are you up in my face for?”  At this point you can’t even spend 5minutes in the toilet without  him/her thinking you are cheating.

Questions starts popping up every now and then as though u are constantly facing a jury, who were u with?, where have you been?, how come you are spending a whole 5minutes in the toilet all by yourself?, why did u forget to drop your phone while going into the bathroom? …hello?? Damn girl!! As pissed as u maybe with the question, you still try so hard to explain  to prove yourself “not guilty” , even while explaining you are  very careful not to talk too much or too little, because you could be found guilty if u do. You say to yourself, this is probably the worst it could ever get. Sorry to disappoint you because this is just the beginning, so get with the program.

Now she is  stalking you on Facebook, constantly checking your friends list to see all the girls you have there as friends, she even makes it a point of duty to check your list everyday just to see if you just added (acquired)  a new girl. Woe betide you the day you dare to comment on a girls picture. who is she?, where is she from?, how did you meet her? and why did u comment on her picture? At this point your thought creeps in..

Damn girl!!! Come to think of it, last time i checked, i have not even put a “ring ” on your finger. So, why do i feel obligated to explain myself? Has it ever crossed your mind that, just maybe this dude truly loves me? Yes i might have been a hard core player in the past but hey, i  decided to drop all that in the past and step up as a man, trying to take up some responsibility, leaving behind all my childish ways just to be with you girl. ” u aint making it easy for me”.

At this point you start to wonder if you actually made the right choice, you even tend to hate yourself more considering the fact that you were a ” no bullshitting guy” in your playing days. You are being accused of cheating at the slightest hint of you talking to another girl, even a simple harmless HELLO! could put u in a whole lot of trouble. You can’t really explain how you got here or why she has decided to frustrate you to going back to your old ways.

This much i would say to you, You made a conscious and positive decision to drop your old garment for a reason, you didn’t just  do that because of her alone, you did it for yourself, a move targeted at making yourself a better man, a life changing decision. No one ever said it would be easy, a smooth sail was never promised, but with determination and perseverance i can guarantee that u will hit the mark and you will be so proud to say I MADE IT, maybe not with her but she sure is a start. keep the fire burning…peace


4 thoughts on “Repented Player” by shoczy (@shoczy)

  1. Hilariously creative! Laughed out loud in many places.

    However, this needs to be cleaned up to make it really shine. Too many punctuation errors. Please never use more than one exclamation mark. It is simply not necessary.

    Nice one. Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemokopi, thanks, i really appreciate the encouragement

  2. This is a wonderful composition,I like to say, quite creative, quite true

  3. This is a wonderful composition,I like to say, quite creative, quite true

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