Raving Rantings

In this moment, this time, this dispensation. We must rise up for our country.
We must disdain mediocrity, shun corruption and dissuade violence.
The vicissitudes of providence that have sculpted our existence are best accepted and acknowledged, once and for all.
Let there be no Igbo, no Hausa, no Yoruba… but all Nigeria, and proud of it.

We are at one more juncture of our destiny. We are on the thresholds of charting history.
But what will it be?
One more prematurely truncated campaign for truth and transparency?
One more sob story of “could-have-beens” that will never occur?
One more plunge into the vast, familiar oceans of depravity?
One more blotch on our crimson-dyed name?
One more rampage of our system that effectively stamps out all traces of creativity?

It can be business as usual or it can be the defining flashpoint of our nationalism.

I’m continually plagued by the dreadful effects of an abysmally inadequate vocabulary.
My head and heart routinely merge to churns out fierce, passionate infernos I call ideas that vastly surpass my ability to express them.
hence…severe burnout.

I can change this country.
I can solve its problems.
Or more accurately, We can.
I feel it in my bones.
It screams out in my heart.
It deafens my thoughts with its intensity.
We can transform this nation!
We can end its ills.
We can soothe its pain.
We can transmute it’s suffering to celebration.
I bleed for this nation. I feel for my people.
I weep for my country.
Call me naïve, but perhaps it’s just this sort of ignorance of what’s impossible that will serve our complete revolution.
29th June, 2011.

I wrote that months ago filled with despair for my country, before bombs pulsated through her like drum beats. I was astounded at the explosion at Police Headquarters, but now? I’m numbed by shock and pain;like someone who has wept both eyes sore, whose tears can flow no more.
I felt very helpless then but not hopeless and even now, I still cling to a fool’s hope.
It’s a lot harder today not to yield to the temptation to design a permanent exit plan from Nigeria to be implemented, swiftly.
I still believe in my country. All these many years, she’s given me frightfully little reason to, but I can’t seem to turn my back on her.
Maybe it’s because I was born here, maybe it’s because I was raised here. Maybe it’s because my ancestors lived here, maybe it’s because my genes evolved here. Maybe it’s because I ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ her languages, even the ones I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because her music touches my soul, maybe it’s because she shaped my whole. Maybe it’s simply because, there’s no where else, I can truly,utterly call my own.Maybe it’s because Nigeria mirrors Africa in my mind and my Africa can not fail,for she is inferior to none.
I wanted to make this an appeal, I wanted to beseech you to heal, my Nigeria.
I wanted to lace my words with pain, I don’t want her shrieks to be in vain.
I know I want to save her name and I hoped I could convince you to feel the same.
But now as I close, I’m struck with trepidation that I did not try enough,that this write up is crap, that I should have honed this piece to perfection(for maximum impact) before releasing it…but my eyes blur with tears as my head drowns in fears .I hope it’s not too late for her. If you can’t see the rationale in this, then, please I plead forgive my ranting but know that it is desperate, unrequited love that moves me so.

I would have you battle to save my country’s life. I would have you do whatever is necessary but…I do not know what it will take.

7, September 2011

19 thoughts on “Raving Rantings” by lelouch (@lelouch)

  1. Your voice is heard

  2. They have heard you *chuckles*

    1. You have been read.

  3. They have heard you *chuckles*

  4. I av not ‘heard’ anyfin!!!

  5. I av however seen a lot of BIG words.

    Indeed, this is the speech of a “political demagogue”- not necessarily that of the author.

    I don’t know if lots of people still feel the fervor with which the author has put forward this work, but I will only say this…Nigeria, shouldn’t have been in the first place.

    Kill me for that if you will!

  6. @shaifamily: Pray tell Sir Shai, the nations in the world that were established by divine edict or with ‘perfect mutual understanding’? the US? perhaps the UK? Germany? Even a superficial study of history should reveal that most countries originated through chaos and conflicts. The victors created new nations, the conquered were either annihilated or assimilated. It’s very easy to look at the cultural and linguistic differences between the tribes, the role of the British in arbitrarily ‘carving’ us into a nation and pronounce that ‘we should never have happened’. The problem is, some of the so called ‘best’ nations in the world, take the US for example…were created by ‘accident’. Neither the British nor the earliest settlers expected a rift so significant as to require a secession. Back to our case, honestly, I wouldn’t really mind if there were a smooth and easy way to break us all off into dozens of little, likely ‘insignificant’ nations based on shared histories and languages, but there isn’t. I fear that breaking up Nigeria would cost millions more lives that fixing her would. Besides, IF we’d just get over our primary problems, I have little doubt that we can truly be notable on the world stage for more than mere population, corruption and oil. Nigeria can be great.
    P.S – If you know, and can implement a peaceful breakup, please share your thoughts.

  7. I expected ‘someone’ to attempt to try and ‘kill’ me, am not disappointed.
    @lelouch You have done a lengthy write-up on a simple matter.
    You mentioned countries I don’t care about, but good you mentioned them….and good you mentioned the words…chaos, conflicts, annihilated, assimiliated etc. What does those words mean to you? What do they portend, in view of our present situation?
    I still maintain my earlier statement; but, you if you were patient to read through the lines of what I wrote, you will realize no where did I say ‘Nigeria’ can’t succeed.
    Of course it can. If any of the earlier methods you yourself mentioned is adopted.
    Is the answer to your last statement clear NOW?

  8. And when did @Admin start moderating comments here? What the heck is happening to this platform???!!!

  9. @shaifamily: your assertion that Nigeria ‘shouldn’t have been’, forced me to reference other countries and their equally imperfect beginnings. Also, typically when people say that, it’s usually the preliminary step to a barely practical call for disintegration. I didn’t attack ‘you’, just your ideas.
    Oh well…I’m hoping the chaos and conflicts can be minimized.

  10. @lelouch Gud!

    The chaos and conflict will arise in the first place because people with a huge difference in socio-cultural and ethno-religious make up had been forced on one another.

    That is the whole gist of the conflict and chaos of all those other nations you mentioned. Until one stronger unit was able to sufficiently ‘suppress’ the weaker -Cue ur “assimiliated” theory.

    It is sad, buh it is the truth….I av tried to look at the coin from whichever side it could be looked at. Maybe y’all can show me something I am not seeing.

  11. @shaifamily: what we need is balance and peaceful coexistence. It is no more fashionable(on the global stage) to forcefully subdue contrary ‘groups’ and it never was fair or humane. If we’re to remain one, we need a very strong and impartial justice system that doesn’t pander to the specific needs of any group yet treats all equally and fairly. I wonder if compelling each ‘group’ to learn about the other in school curriculums, would help…

  12. correction: each ‘group’ to learn about the ‘otherS’

    1. @lelouch all of that is UP IN THE AIR as often is the case with any thing that has to do with Human society and it’s organization.

  13. lelouch you are right on target- Nigeria needs to be rescued from the blood hounds and we all owe it a duty to stand and fight corruption.

  14. @mikeeffa:
    my thoughts exactly.

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