PARABLE AND PEBBLES: Idols of Chains, Diligence, Truth

PARABLE AND PEBBLES: Idols of Chains, Diligence, Truth


Idols of chains


Idols of chains, hanging down your round neck

Perhaps I should call it chains of idols

It all to me speaks a certain language

Perhaps it is a language of symbol


Chains, it is kingly and it is lordly

It tells of who you are, if slave or royal

It is the signet worn on royal princes

And the adornment of loved princesses


It is worn as a symbol of blessings

It tells of who we are and why we wear

Whether gold, silver, bronze, brass, iron, steel

Whether diamond, pearls and precious stones





Diligence, deal with me with perfect gents

So that I will find me where diligence

I want to know more about your essence

So that I will make some perfect sentence


You are like the warm eastern rising sun

I know for certain when the setting’s done

Lift me up and then find me a good throne

Now then crown me prince with your precious stone


Diligence come to me now come be quick

That I should find heaven, for there I seek





Truth unfolds to us like blood-red roses bloom

An understanding heart will find his room

With this floss thread we weave a perfect loom

Sweeping dusty lies with a righteous broom


The truth is truth and it is nothing more

Nothing less too, for it, we men live for

It always comes knocking on our door

Open, for it comes to breed true law


Allow the children learn this truthful lore

And tell their children about this truth lore



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