Me, myself, and I.

Me, myself, and I.

Instead of counting candles or tallying years
Contemplate my blessings as my birthday is here
Consider special people who love me take care of me
be there for me at every milestones without weary

They love me, care for me, and enriched my life just
by being there
The memories of previous decades of my life never mar
Experiences, great and small that might not matter
to anyone but have made me who I am

Life affirming event melancholy reflection
Plenty of scars proudly earned mistakes and
challenges of life never regret every bit of it
rather make mistakes than do nothing, way to learn

I cut my cake, drink my wine and say many happy returns
to me myself and I
I can`t thank God enough for the gift of life His
Blessing and unfailing love
Me myself and I will forever appreciate God for this day.

8 thoughts on “Me, myself, and I.” by Amor (@iykewifey)

  1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Happy birthday :-) , sweet and tender poem. We must learn to celebrate ourselves, love ourselves the way we wish to be loved . Nice.

    1. awshh nice of you.

      I appreciate

  2. You had a birthday recently? I wish you well.

    1. Yes.


    1. kaycee

      Thank you.

  3. good thinking-all d best

    1. I appreciate.

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