Little Tonic of Greatness

Little Tonic of Greatness

You may have told same old stories again and again, and have never sung any sweet song. It is time to wake up from the ‘comfort’ of your sadness, from the ‘pleasure’ of your slumber and ‘walk’ your dreams out!

Dream to the moon for you can never fall off from the stars even if you do not get there. Think about riding a white flying elephant; though it’s funny, but you can still ride a horse.Yet, there are three ways of possible possibilities: believe in God, believe in the powers in you, and achieve the greatness in you on your knees and in love.

We all get problems, but we are troubled when we don’t struggle. Retreat to take stocks when the day is gone and wake up early to rise. Indeed, there are no limitations to the capacity of the human mind. Neither depths nor heights, or even through ‘nothingness’ have humans not reached.

These obstacles are but spectacles through which we can see what spoils lie over the mountains by our toils. Therefore, believe in work and shatter the shackles of indolence that lay your potentialities torpid.
Fear not. Fear is an incapacitation and offers the best excuses at any time,

“No, don’t, you will die,”
“What if I fall?”
“No way, this is terrible.”

The life you live worths it because some humans in seeking to add value to humanity have died with honour. We have learnt to do certain things this way, because some by their honourable fall have shown us that way.

And you talk about things being terrible. What is more able than you who are as well terrific? Do not fear but bear the courage of little David in your heart. Although you are little like a baby in his mother’s arms, swing as he would, for as she would not let him fall, so God will not let you down.

In fine, every big thing starts from a little part, and our Animator says, “If your faith is as small like the mustard seed, you can move a mountain.”

Therefore, we start our sweet songs of a brighter future by
in Lil’Smile Found-  Jesus


14 thoughts on “Little Tonic of Greatness” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. If I see even one over sabi negative comment on this one…I will smash the internet!

    Philosopher, you do these site great honour.

    1. haba- abeg na no smash de internet so dat we no go miss naijastories

  2. @Kaycee who doesn’t know your capability here. Hereclitus would even suggest
    we smash the internet, that from the strife, we may arrive at a better ‘net’ to thrive.

    Respect fellow Philosopher, for your affective presence in NS.

  3. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Starting someone smiling… Yea i wanna do that. Often. :)

  4. Ostar, I loved this. A synopsis of life challenges and our response to them. better than ‘fatalism’ preached to us by evolutionists. Many graces to you,.

  5. @Sunshine shinning each moment is about the smiles. You are welcome!

  6. @fervency I fervently revere you. Thanks buddy.

  7. Very motivational. Thanks for sharing.

  8. sir i give you a standing ovation- this is refreshing and encouraging. with this i have no fear for anything. well done sir

  9. @Myne you are welcome dear.
    What is more motivational than NS?
    Thank you

  10. I hate it! Oya Kaycee come and smash the internet, and ur laptop join.

    This is sooo Ostarish…Love the end most, because one of the best things to do, is to start someone’s smile.. well done Ken…$ß.

  11. @mikeeffa thanks great mind. The Muse bless you more.

    @sibbylwhyte wow Ostarish is so sweet an adjective! Thanks dear


  12. Thanks for sharing this

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