It Is Difficult to Toast A Guy

It Is Difficult to Toast A Guy

The first female chief judge was recently appointed in Nigeria. This sparked a lot of debate in my place of work .It didn’t help that a page in Daily trust Friday 13th   was asking if women are smarter than men. Of course since I am a female I had to support my gender: my colleagues were adamant that males were smarter.

I told them the old adage of what a man can do a woman can do better. My colleague asked   that me   and a fellow female colleague should try and toast a guy.  This brought a barrel of laughs because we didn’t realize how difficult toasting is .I really tried but it was very difficult. Apparently ladies are usually very nasty to people trying to toast them. They according to Habib  pretend they can’t hear you,or talk about you as if you are not in their presence.

I learnt some useful tips: my colleagues corrected me and here is the six major tips.I still don’t know how to toast a guy,but I can avoid being toasted by someone I don’t like.

1. Men make lady they are shadowing to notice their presence.

2. Make eye contact women are different and I thank God for the differences

3 Tell small lies.

4. Create conversation

5. Collect phone numbers.

Because we couldn’t toast a guy properly it sparked another debate about gender equality. They said women always wanted the gains without pain. We wanted equality but we don’t want equal responsibility.

They asked me if I was married will I want to pay the rent, school fees and other responsibility carried out by male .I said no because I have always believed that is a man’s job. A woman’s money is for herself only. There is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your husband or burrowing him money if he is broke. They had nothing to say, I know I might sound selfish but women have their roles to play too. In conclusion men and women are different and smartness is based on the individual not the gender.

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  1. Today I saw a woman driving Keke Marwa, she was sooo aggressive….Iool. In my opinon, sometimes women tend to overact to situations, in order to disprove stereotypes about them.

    I don’t really agree with the third point of your “toasting tutorial” the truth always comes out. Somehow.

    Overall, great read :)

  2. Well, now you know that being a man is not just about ‘3-leggedness’, takes a lot to be man. I was once in a programme where issue of the female gender superiority and all. I asked if any of the ladies ranting could pee in a coke bottle. Na there dem c mischief in me. Men and women have intrinsic differences that are so obvious we do not need a debate to know. Thanx for sharing

    1. As a guy this is one of the confounding arguments I’ve never quite understood. When talking about male superiority, peeing turns up (peeing standing, peeing in a coke bottle, aiming) and I keep wondering how that makes us more superior.

      Just saying…

      Now if someone said “muscle mass.” I would understand. We’re designed differently and have different things we’re naturally better at.

      1. Zahymaka…that is just a figurative thing, if women cannot do that, they should never equate themselves with men. No one says men are superior her, what i am driving at is the fact that we are intrinsically wired differently.

  3. Thanks for reading.

  4. Gender equality cannot be attained in the interchangeability of roles. Man can be Woman and vice versa. We both are create to be distinct and complementary in the way we coexist.

  5. I meant; “Man can’t be woman and vice versa”

  6. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    kadijah, thank you for this
    @writefight you can pee in a bottle eh? looooooooooool. try pushing out a 4.2kg baby then we ll compare notes.
    Genders are different, complimentary but equal. The key is mutual respect. Also, we should seperate women from wives and husbands from men. A wife should submit to HER husband not to all men. A man should provide for HIS own not the entire women folk. Hmmm i think i should stop here, a word they say….

  7. They asked me if I was married (should it not be “If I were married…”

    There is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your husband or burrowing [lending]him money if he is broke.

    “In this era of smart phones, most people are going stupid”

    Thanks for writing. Girls una don toose?

  8. adams (@coshincozor)

    for one thing i am sure: feminism is a lost war!

  9. I enjoyed this..and you have said it all.

  10. Simple. Roles are complimentary and not competitive.

  11. Nonsense discussion.

  12. Thanks for reading,@kaycee this article is about roles of gender.If you think about it a little you realize that being a woman .Sometimes you feel like the world was made for men.A couple lives the house in the morning and return home by 5.30pm.The woman enters the kitchen to cook: while the man relaxes with a newspaper.

    1. Yeah, I see your point there… But it was women in the first place that wanted to work as hard as men… and they usually end up working harder. But as @midas said (below), women still find lot of ways of compensating themselves. …the issue is neither here nor there… It all boils down to individuals.

  13. I really do not see the point in fighting for gender superiority/equality. If a woman is better for a position, then she should by all means get it. Merit should be the hallmark to create a plain level field for all.

    On the homefront however, it is imperative that both sexes play their roles accordingly. The way it is, I feel nature or maybe the evolution of things has created a balance for both sexes. We are the ones who make moles out of molehills.

    If a woman had to be the one who returns home from work to prepare food for the family,pray tell whose money is it from which the food is bought. who does the society regard as irresponsible for not taking care of the family’s financial needs when the chips are down,even though both parents earn for a living.

    You did mention that a woman’s money is for herself, which is true. A man’s money is for all, even if the sister-in-law/brother-in-law shows up , he still has to “represent” financially. Meanwhile the wife can only borrow the man. “Borrow” , mark it is the operative word here.

    In the words of a veteran Yoruba singer Ebenezer Obey “Ko easy lati je omokunrin”. It is no easy task to be man (a responsible man, I presume he alluded to) . I’m sure the female folks have a litany of issues too, so let’s all suck it up and play our roles accordingly. Shikena!

  14. *mountains out of molehills :-)

  15. Your title was catchy. Hmm i am getting ideas

  16. I fink I agree with those sexists at your work. Women cant convince men to fall in love with then… few of them try sha…

  17. lol…interesting issue on the sexes.

    I think the issue of equality has been overemphasized wrongly today. While women according to your colleagues ‘always wanted the gains without pain and equality but don’t want equal responsibility’ we shouldn’t forget that there are roles women play that men can’t play just as there are roles that men play that women can’t.

  18. Like I said before, nonsense discussion.

  19. I definitely won’t talk about this. All I know is that if under a certain circumstance I get whoozy, I’ll go get myself a seat. Male or Female, I don’t care anymore.

  20. E don do, folks. Who the cap fits make e wear am, chikena! BY THE WAY, I was toasted by a girl years ago and if not for certain factors, I would have ended up in her arms.

  21. hehehe, yes! make she try am

  22. women speak louder with gestures and body languages while men voice their both groups toast though our society push the women to their shells

  23. Women cant TOAST for ish. They may pick u up at a club, but to get you to commit for longer than a night… let’s just free ’em

  24. Women, men, we are all God’s children. We are different – CLEARLY! And, no gender is inferior or superior to the other. Many people misunderstand feminism, even some feminists. It is not about superiority. It is about empowering women to live up to their full potentials, instead of relegating them to an unfulfilled life. @kaycee, I know this was one year ago, but I don’t think it’s okay to say that someone’s discussion is ‘nonsense.’ I think this forum is about constructive criticism, if you need to be critical.

  25. @Efadel thanks for reading.Don’t worry too much about kaycee he is an African man.They are raised up to see women as second class citizens.

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