Declare A Holiday

Declare A Holiday

Apathy’s not my name
Instead, I am on a mission
The thankless mission of a prophet
What fate! What misery!

I was not born a prophet
But I fell in love with words
On the road to reality
So they took me for a prophet
And branded me a messenger

This message burns my chest
And I must let out the scorching words
Before I lay down my neck
And await Terror’s axe

Declare a holiday!
And let us laugh at sorrow
The sorrow of plural deaths
Of our collective shame
Let us laugh at our death

Let the bereaved line the streets
Let them wave their tambourines in the air
And make melody with their harps
Let them lead the dance for the faithful departed
We shall not cry but dance
Their lot is so much better
Than we who live in death

Through temples and shrines
We shall take our dance
We shall pass through market squares
And celebrate the lucky ones
Who died in fairer times
When fond memories still blossom
In chambers of loving hearts

Declare a holiday!
Let us pass through palaces
And show the kings our dance
They deserve a taste of the joy
That sprouts from their mighty deeds
The bombers know their masters
The crashers know their lords
For us we know our kings
To them we owe allegiance

Declare a holiday!
Prepare a bumper feast
Admit no teary eye
Allow no heavy heart
Proclaim no end to merriment
Let us relish living today
Not knowing whose turn it will be
To be chosen for the king’s sacrifice

5 thoughts on “Declare A Holiday” by Nnenna-Ihebom (@Nnenna-Ihebom)

  1. Respect!!

  2. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    lovely classical styled poem, the body and end seem much stronger than the beginning though,
    lovely all the same.

  3. Nnenna,
    You did a great job with this, veiled message et al.
    Just beautiful.

  4. Okay, i declare the holiday.

    Nice work…so well done

  5. Thanks for reading and for the nice comments. cheers y’all.

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