Behind The Shadows.

Behind The Shadows.

It’s returning like gush


on your young memories;


hearts that kept me


for tomorrow yesterday.


Shadows cannot be


forgotten in a twilight walk.




no fruit riped,


and you made me lessons


compared in a


boat with the fig tree.



I have become what


your heart cannot carry;


fell down too much


to stand too strong!


Why are you paniced?




Life cannot write


the worse and face


me back-world


till eternity long.




you could not


see me in the shadows,


but I have found


the home in the


dark shadowed- cave.




That is why you


could not admit my scepter!


We have grown


strong in the dark,


and mastered


the labyrinths;


it’s true you


can’t see me soon,


but kings will


keep my face


to your wander;


and me,


still moving away


from your look


behind the


curtains of the shadow.







I will not shake


the foundations that


give life to the Haiku;


verses that saved lives


on stone and book.



Strength made


Japan JAPAN, and


carved-men on


book makes


me sweet devotion.



Samurai flashed before


me, plenty of the world


a man should carry,


and to ever free the


gates of the conscience,


and to unfree the


key that imprison the skin.



What Legends are these?


How come the powers


to silent devotions.


Frailty made man


skilled in works


of perfection; To


man is this frailty made


him he must cry, but


strong be his weight


of the world learn he


to carry!



Much, I hear the


whispers from the


poem in the wind;


from the Legends it says:


give blood-devotion to


the God you believe,


who found you


dreams when on the





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  1. Enjoyed the first one more. Good poetry.

  2. I liked the first one too

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