Until the next Cenotaph

Until the next Cenotaph

Memorializing the victims of Dana Airlines Flight 9J-992 from Abuja to Lagos, Nigeria. The plane crashed into a residential area killing all 153 passengers on board, on Sunday June 3, 2012.


The wails were distant
A far off news echo
We didn’t feel the pain
Not as much as we should
Nor as angry as we ought
They were just names
Only names on a manifest
And a tragedy on screen


Soon we forgot


The next was closer
Still we mostly wondered
And then questioned
And looked to blame
First God
He shoulda known better
We questioned Him
But God is a silent being


He didn’t say a word


So we shifted
To the authorities
And we got answers
Of ineptitude
And corrupt speak
With only a sigh
And a head shake
We chose again to forget
For we knew not the dead
They weяε mere figures
List on a manifest


They were unfortunate


We are survivors
They are the fallen
Frontline casualties
In this war of life
In the battle Nigeria
Are our hands free
From their fall?
Just a little check
A little caution
A little truth
And they might still be standing


But we did nothing


We took pictures
We updated profiles
We heard speeches
We sighed and shrugged
Life has happened
We did nothing else
And the arms of tragedy
Stretched even closer
Arms we could have delayed
If we only tried,
But look here our cenotaph


For we are dead


Now we have fallen
Now others sing the songs
Take the pictures
And ‘Like’ the updates
Most are compelled
Again to God
Again silence
But in His silence they are consoled
Always in the believe
That He knew and He saw
And He purposed.
So with a sigh
And resign
They set their hearts to mend


Until the next cenotaph.

63 thoughts on “Until the next Cenotaph” by kaycee (@kaycee)

  1. Musketeer…

    I feel the pain in those lines.


    We did nothing. NOTHING. Onto the next one.

    I wonder when we’re going to start doing something.

    1. @seun-Odukoya,
      my brother, we did nothing. We always do nothing.

  2. My question is what exactly can we do?

    1. @teewah, you seriously asking that question?

      1. Yes I’m asking and yes I’m serious. Everyone seems to always lament about how we do nothing as a people, but never address the issue of what exactly is expected of us…and I wonder why you act surprised at my question for someone who thinks “The country has gone to the dogs. No dey worry your seff.”

  3. Quite pathetic.We mourn together.Free spirit,kudos!

  4. I ditto @teewah. What exactly can we do?

    Damn those so-called “men-of-God” who can see the ending and scores of a Football match and yet can’t tell that Sunday was going to be black.

    We will rise again. Nice one @kaycee

    1. @lancaster
      Ok, at least write a poem.

      1. Are you sure just writing a poem will do? Lol. Okay then. Let’s do it…

        1. @lancaster,
          Let’s start from here first.
          Writing is actually getting more response.
          And it is easier.

          1. Writing to the right authority will do anyway, but are they going to listen? Maybe we should write it on a placard and take to the street…maybe, maybe not.

            1. @lancaster, If I ever take to the streets, I would be accompanied by my guns. I no get time for placards.
              But its a last resort.

              1. Guns, yeah. That will do. Let me know when you’re set.

                1. hehehehehehehehehehehhLMAO

  5. A lovely piece, and I ‘like’ it.. This causes the heart to ponder and wonder on the nothingness of life…To be angry yet helpless at how greed and vices of all sorts, can take a life before it’s time…Well done Kay.

    1. @sibbylwhyte.
      That crash actually got me depressed that day. I was surprised.
      Thanks for reading.

  6. Seriously…what can we do?hw do we avert another disaster?Too many questions….well done@kaycee

    1. Thanks, @obionyinye.
      There’s actually a lot we can do.

  7. Nice one. What do we do?

    1. @louis
      Am laughing at the reply I wanted to give you…
      But we are in sombre mood, I will let it slide.

  8. @kaycee, Hmmm. I got dat one. Okay oo. If u sey so.

  9. Sometimes I do feel like shaking God at those moments of silence
    To think that we will soon forget until another disaster
    Each time I think or talk about the crash I get depressed. I was thinking of writing something but the melancholy just thinking about the crash brings has been a hindrance.
    Well done.

    1. I totally feel you on the God question.

      1. olufunmilola (@funpen)

        it hurts God to see ppl suffer. He actually gave us the right way to live so we do not hurt each other but we do not obey.
        eg, had the dana airline been honest and forthright and admitted that plane was bad, we would not be crying today, God wants us to all be truthful with one another, but do we all obey that?

        Gd gives us the choice to obey Him but when we choose our own way, it leads to pain for us and sometimes for others. He created pple with a free will and a choice to exercise that free will. But He also gave guidelines so we could make the right choices. We can’t really blame him.

        1. @funpen
          The God thing is not as easy as you think. A lot of people believe God and still have nothing to show for all the effort.

          You think all the people on that plane were sinners?
          What of the little kids? What of that family that lost almost everyone? Do you know the questions the surviving family members would have?
          If you think about it, you would find it hard to conceive of a being in Heaven.

          1. @funpen don’t ever try to explain the pain in this world as a result of people making wrong choices. When children who don’t know the diff between right and wrong have terminal illnesses what wrong choice did they make, when a robbers kill their victim what wrong choice did the victim make? Why should they suffer for the wrong choice of the robber? It’s like saying if a bad thing happens to someone they did something wrong. The bible never said so. If anything making the right choice of following Christ gets you persecution and possible suffering. When Christians were thrown to lions in the dark ages I suppose they made a wrong choice too. Don’t give pat answers to serious questions because you would only get bamboozled by the voice of reason.
            There is a reason Christianity is about faith.
            This world is full of pain and making the right choice won’t always keep you from them.

            1. olufunmilola (@funpen)

              @Kaycee, ur poem was very good I 4got to mention
              @osakwe, I hear and understand you.

          2. The whole issue of Faith is funny cos everything is outlined in the Bible. It is simple; follow God. Life is spiritual. When people are not sensitive to the things of the spirit, they suffer for it in the real world. It’s the truth. Also, some people are just victims of the wrong judgement of others; case in point, the plane crash.

            ‘This world is full of pain and making the right choice won’t always keep you from them.’ True, but U forgot to add something important, @osakwe. Making the right choice will keep you THROUGH the storms.

  10. I like the subtle anger in this poem….

    and its rhetoric…

    but apart from questioning God, Humans are also to blame for being careless…how many will keep getting saved from disaster if some company continues to be careless?

    Nice and thought provoking poem kaycee…

  11. Emotions running deep!
    Poor human if only we hav a crystal ball all these would not happen.

    1. @osondu
      Even if we did, I’m sure some people would demand money before they reveal what they see.

  12. Amor (@iykewifey)

    We tend to speak out after a tragedy…We need to change that perspective and act now…..

    1. @iykewifey, was telling someone that u’ve been missing on NS for sometime.
      Hope u are good?

      1. Amor (@iykewifey)

        I`m good,

        I`ve been busy lately.

        Thanks for you`re concern.

  13. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    And so oga @kaycee are u saying this is not the last?

    1. @sambrightomo, definitely, this isn’t the last. The next will be closer.
      That’s the most painful thing of it all.

  14. Tragedy really struck us, *shakes head* even Kaycee had to believe. *shakes head again* The extent to which this mishap has affected souls.I hope they really learn s/th from it like I did.
    Cooking up mine, soon to come.
    Nice work!

    1. @francis, I couldn’t understand why it affected me that much. Maybe cos I was close to the ά̲̣яεa or…I dunno. I learnt something from it, but what I learnt is so not a good thing.

  15. U sabi write jo.

    Nice delivery, and the tone…brilliant!

  16. When I saw the picture of that unfortunate family this afternoon again, I had to leave that vicinity quickly to avoid shedding tears.

    I like the subtle yet deep tone of your poem. Ideal for this kind of situation.

  17. I have always said that we have mastered the art of Forgetfulness. U just conveyed that artistically here, Musketeer.

    For those who think it was God’s wish, na lie. God didn’t create people to die in plane crashes n all what not. That na heavy virus of the brain.

    Well done bro.

    1. @raymond,
      The virus has spread too far.

      Musketeer, how things?

      1. My brother, I dey like God say make I dey. How ya side?

  18. @kaycee, it’s a good thing we learnt s/th, even if what we learnt is good or bad, it will contribute a lot to how we view things individually… All izz well.

    1. @francis,
      All is not well O°˚˚˚!
      All izz not well at all.
      There is no “all things work together for good” in Nigeria battle.
      That crash has no positive side at all, no greater good was intended.

  19. Beautifully written, kaycee. There is pain existing as a Nigerian. Which way forward? Wat do we do? These are d most popular questions I see here, on fb, on twitter. What really do we do? *sigh*
    Deep words.

  20. I like the perspective of this one.

  21. The free spirit levitates….
    I feel the spirit blowing.
    May peace betide them

  22. Kaycee, u’ve done justice with words….
    well done bro……

  23. @ostar, amen O°˚˚˚!

  24. Arhh…that saying about the pen being mightier than the sword comes to mind right about now.

    I read something some where about the Jews, Blacks, Homosexuals and Finally the self…when things happen from afar, it never seems serious until it strikes home; only then does it become real.

    Who indeed can dispute this? “He knew and he saw…He purposed”. Well said @Kaycee.

  25. @dottaraphaels, thanks.

  26. You captured the total feeling – the passivity of everyone towards disasters in Nigeria now. People die every day be it from ‘natural’ causes to road traffic accidents to bombings and to plane crashes – we have all switched off and are wallowing in a benumbed state. So sad.

    1. @petunia007
      What became of you?
      Long time.
      Thanks for reading.

  27. Good poem from a great writer, well its sad and touching.

    1. @mikeeffa, thank you, great one.

  28. I could fall in love with this mellow, thoughtful @kaycee in pain. You tugged at my heart strings with this poem.

    That was a tragedy and a half! And that airline was back to service within a twinkle of an eye. I hope it wnt happen again.

  29. quite a good one here

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