Tunes in the wind…

Tunes in the wind…

Morning dawns with dew

Lifts the misty veil of night

Birds chirp on tree branches

Chirpings of sweet melody

I stretch my frame in wakery

My bed shudders in relief

Window blinds flutter and I wonder

What tunes are these I hear?

Why sings the wind to me?


Chuckles and cackles of innocent nurslings

Drench the breezy air of morn

Moon stands tall in glaring stance

While it’s day

From pillows of mountain peak

Sun casts rays of light

On the valley where passion blooms

Exuding sweet fragrance

Lacing the atmosphere


Eyes shut

I taste it in large gulps

Then again, what song is this?

Why sings the wind? –

Tunes of sweet melody

Relics of erstwhile rains

Still thuds on the green leaves

Rhythms flow through me

Still what tunes are these I hear?

I’m uncertain until…

They rush at me; this wind, this song


Eyelids part

Bouts of air rush through my lungs

I breath life, I breath music and I breath you

Yet remain breathless

Gracefully advancing, gaps of distance closing

Familiarity dawns

Of an encounter that never was

Not sure you see me, but I do you


Why does the wind whisper in my ears?

Whooshing against my blushing cheeks

Tunes of music yet unsung

Notes of songs yet to be formed

Lines of odes yet unwritten

Tales of adventures that have not been

Risks untaken

Life unlived

Paths uncrossed

Words unspoken


And it all falls in place

Aye, it all makes sense now

Why this morn feels so queer

For the wind plays me tunes

Tunes of love

Fresh new love

26 thoughts on “Tunes in the wind…” by Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

  1. This is some very soft poetry. Soft and gentle poetry.

    I like. Nice one.

    1. Thank you Seun.

  2. Long tym no read @chimzorom

    Nice…Well Done!

    1. Thanks teewah, I guess my break was productive.

  3. This is beautiful. some phrases there got to me………… like tasting it in large gulps.

    1. Yes, @lachicabonita, funny irony. Thanks.

  4. @chimzorom you just brought nature home to us. Your diction creates the ambience.I like the smell and feel of the nature described herein. I will like a picnic arrangement in this your imaginative setting.

    1. Thanks @sambrightomo. Mind you, your picnic will be as imaginary as my setting.

  5. Splendid. Each line etched to my mind. Like Sam said, just a dish and a girl, and all is set… Too nice!

    1. Thanks @francis, enjoy yourself.

    1. Thank you, Raymond.

  6. Sleek, smooth, fresh, soft
    Like a beautiful woman

    1. Nice words, Kaycee. You definitely feel the piece.

  7. @chimzorom. U too much. This is superb.

    1. Thanks, Louis. I’m grateful.

  8. This is sweet! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to describe the feeling.

    1. You are right. Thanks.

  9. you are a multi talented chap – first you posted a story in pidgin and now you are back with this fantastic poem- though am not an authority in poetry but permit me to say well done and more grease to ya elbows as you build on your craft.

    1. Thank you @mikeeffa. There seems to be a mix-up as I have done no piece in pidgin but I hope to retain the praise after the confusion is cleared.

  10. Tunes of music yet unsung

    Notes of songs yet to be formed

    Lines of odes yet unwritten

    …thanks for all the images, aplenty!

    1. Thank you too, Ostar.

  11. This is one of those poems that transport me to wonders and leave me in deep contemplation. This is good

    1. Thanks Icha. That, coming from you, is a lot to me.

    1. Glad you felt so. Thanks :)

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