Tomorrow Will Pass Again.

What sorrow, what pain

oceaned yesterday, and tomorrow

is heavy, heavy to plant.

What seed will grow

in the fires of unthinkable,

and, the unimaginable heart

of stone?


Nothing is soft again,

losses bought everything!

Why live, why die?

There is no place for

verses on the heart.


Tomorrow will pass

this heart again…

We cannot keep things

too strange for the

heart to safe!


The heart is heavy,

and beautiful lives away

again, never to touch,

never to exchange that

once smiled face…

Never to whisper

beauty on the heart!


Ash, only ash and

dark books on the

shelves of the heart,

now memories of

black Sunday.


Tomorrow stay in

strange places on the

heart again. Fear of

existing again remains

the mystery.


Who will help us believe?

To believe we slowly

crawl to make these

souls live again?


Only God breathes us

for tomorrow; we will

keep their dreams, pursuit,

existence, and hope, then,

they exist. And, for

the fear that quakes tomorrow,

that too, will pass again!


22 thoughts on “Tomorrow Will Pass Again.” by Dike Dyke Williams (@dwilliams)

  1. We hope.

    And tomorrow comes and becomes yesterday.

    But what have we learnt?

    1. Seun, I just had to write this one and just forget the blame thing, and I think Judgement day awaits everyone. Thanks bro

      1. yes since our govt is the unlearning type, one thing is certain like you pointed out judgement day- it respects no man-cheers

  2. It is very hard to keep ones hope in times like this. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful piece.

    1. Myne, It’s true…but sometimes I think we should just try and leave some message, in times like this. Thanks so much!

  3. Do learn enough from today to better handle tomorrow?

    Time doesn’t seem to tell.

    1. Well…that is this place for you. Only God can judge. thanks bro

  4. I don’t quite understand this poem. But I like this verse:

    Ash, only ash and
    dark books on the
    shelves of the heart,
    now memories of
    black Sunday.

    Well done.

  5. We hope, we simply hope.
    Nothing else.

  6. Mhn… tomorrow should better do and come and pass o!
    Nice poem.
    Insightful and though difficult in times like this, very true. May tomorrow bring us bouts of joy and laughter… peace.

  7. hmmmmm,nice poem

  8. hmm…’who will help us believe’

    1. …only God can…

  9. Tomorrow will surely pass again but what we’ve learnt from it is what really matters.

  10. Enjoyed this. Nice poetry. Message absorbed.

  11. It will be a shame not to learn from yesterday..Welldone..$ß.

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