The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

In this journey eternal

Of they who desire

Of  another’s treasures

They, vanquished

Who now losers be

Are cursed to sentry postings

On the look out eternally

For the enemy

Whilst they victorious

Repose in consciousness halved

But most deserved

Tonight, the tides of war

The other way swing

And the sentry

In consciousness halved, reposes.

(Inspired by the song “The sidewinder sleeps tonight” by REM)

9 thoughts on “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Hmmm.

    Let me act like I completely understand it and say ‘Interesting’.

    Or maybe I should relate it to the song (which I know) and say ‘interesting’.

    Bottom line.

  2. I was able to appreciate this as a poem because it has a poetic structure.
    But the meaning remains with the writer.

    1. I strongly agree with @kaycee

  3. I tried relating with the lines, but I couldn’t actually pick out a theme in the discourse. I know it’s a lyrical poem- just an outflow of emotions being captured in the lines, but wouldn’t you rather write what affects people? am sorry if that hurts; I know am not much better, but let’s keep improving.

  4. ……o_O? Tisha, abeg explain give ya students na?!

  5. I think the poem, though cryptic, is clear enough.

  6. every poet understands their poems better than anyone…

  7. I’m begining to see a pattern to your poems now. I get a flash of comprehension with this one but I s’pose I would be better positioned to say in all honesty that I thoroughly understood it if I was familiar with the song.

    But lemme take a wild shot at this. It’s about turn-tables right? how quickly the hunter becomes the hunted?
    Even if i was wrong i still think i can take it down in parts that I can really relate to, and that would do it for me.
    Nice one!

  8. Indeed Midas, it is about turn tables and how the hunter becomes the hunted, in a manner of speaking. But note that more often than not, the lyrics or theme of the songs that inspire my poems have no bearing on the theme of the poems. So, hearing the songs may provide no clues on what the poems are about. Thanks for your kind words.

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