The Moral Leprechaun

The Moral Leprechaun

ENYA mourns loudly out of my Sony speakers 30mins(give or take) before midnight on the 24th of June…it has been raining all day so my brain’s flooded, lots of foul debris so it’s very crowded. Thoughts screaming to get out, opinions too pissed to stay in; guess i gotta let them…what other choice do I have? don’t wanna run crazy, not yet anyways. Just inhale and dance to the fast rhythmic percussion…forming out between the sharp hiss of my breath and the quick kick of my heartbeat!

Evolving from primates, well that’s what Science told us, the reduction of hair from 95% of our epidermal area to selected embarrassing sections in conjunction with the phase when Adam ate the forbidden fruit and realized we had a groin…our intellect emerged. The longing want for a reason became top priority like a dope head in desperate need for a fix. So we became addicts…Eve knew – she buys the drug and her not-so-smart hubby takes a small snort. He gets stoned and curious, so he confronts the authority which leads him to rehab …thus, the first junkie ever, and automatically forever sends his whole generation into exile. It probably doesn’t take a genius to figure out why women always wins the men’s race. Long-haired daft Samson can testify. Well, who knows…the big “G” might be a chick…Ah!
In a game of chess, pawns are sacrificed for a ‘greater good'(whatever that means); a win, the loser sacrifices them too, but his own pawns die in vain. Centuries of existence, we still defining ourselves, ‘does a definition exists?’ or better yet the task is to keep looking for an answer of which there’s no question. The human generation is bored, so therefore confused: in search of an answer to the ‘why’, we leeched on Science, Technology and Religion…the hypotheses were different, they contradict.
Belief, the dominant factor, underwent series of multiple mitosis – in simple French, she got fucked real hard till she gave a bloody birth to segregation, thereabout weapons and war. Our theories brought death and turmoil, our actions checkmated it. That’s why it’s the norm for knights  to always move in the ‘hell’ direction on and off chessboards.
Science and Technology: the twins with different fathers, changed tactics and collaborated. Religion, their adopted sister, stood alone and stubborn…they envied and despised her, made them feel like fools…she defied every rule and got more audience. The two brothers hammered on the weaker gender to dominate the human intellectual mind, but she straightens out each time. Instead, she spreads out into a shade where the undetermined lurks, incomprehensible but satisfactory.
The lazy human mind finds solitude in Religion, constructing a very shallow reason to house our ‘whys’. She brings us home whenever the reckless twins loses us in the mystery of earth‘s dense jungle, although she, in turn loses us in the rooms…but as they say ‘there‘s still no place like home‘. The bold and unwavering fact of an invisible presence(power) became unavoidable…there is an infeasible force amidst us, we can’t ignore it…i call it an answer, a safe one..atleast that’s what i thought until she got raped and we started pointing out differences between Jesus Christ, Mohammed and some golden idols, hence, Al-Qaeda and recently our own personal nightmare, Boko Haram.
It’s all a fudge, if there’s ever a word like that; so i ask the question, WHY? The adverb, one word…an unending translation, an unending meaning! Trying to understand the reality of our existence exceeds our comprehension, why are we here?..are we just a piece in a puzzle? damn, what puzzle? We’re increasing in population while at the same time the mortality rate revs up the life chain engine…what the fuck are we here for? What‘s the big picture? Who‘s painting the damn picture?!
You know the comparison between humans and GOD?…apart from the ‘lets make man in my own image ’ speech, we will always need each other, it’s a compulsion, again if there’s any word like that. The reality of humans exists on the reliability or dependency on each other, voluntary or otherwise…but in the other sense GOD also needs us to be GOD, i mean, who would recognize Him?…Animals ?- all they do is eat, sleep and fuck/mate if you will…oh, and shit. Plants? – they don’t got a mind of their own…they don’t even know when they pollinate, i hear they shit too. Inorganic substances? – are you kidding me?, they are shit already, incase you’re wondering…it’s all we, it has always been. Oh, the ’stones will rise in your stead’ speech…well, we were never going to be around to see that.
From our comprehension, we are higher animals, we fucking tower above other beings, right? why on earth(ah! in heaven perhaps) do you think HE is trying to make us better? still ever trying to mold us to be like HIM…i hope(pray) HE succeeds. i wouldn’t care more, HE always does. Such a patient perfect bastard! (blasphemy or humor?…your pick.).
ENYA weeps silently out of my Sony speakers 10 minutes(give or take) after midnight on the 25th of June – a very sad day (MJ is gonna die again later today), my brain’s still trickling…now sparse and weary, clogged. Thoughts feebly nudging to get out, guess they can wait…wont run crazy now, not tonight anyways. Just inhale and tango to the slow rhythmic blues…between the gentle whistle of my breath, quiet thud of my heartbeat and the gentle drizzle on the rooftops….then…..exhale.
Plants shit?….A throaty chuckle, then soft snoring commences.

6 thoughts on “The Moral Leprechaun” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. @eimehy guy ds one na Die!
    I like how you putnthis out. Wallahi, you speak plenty truth por Hia!
    You r indeed a true Mudhafucka!
    Do you know dis quote, *to see the whole picture you have to step out of the frame*.? Or something like dtone. It was from salmon Rushdie’s book, the ground beneath her feet.
    Gud job, but am sure we av not heard d last on ds subject of religion….which is what dis is mainly abt, Yeah?

    1. Shai…..u got me…

  2. Very philosophical. I felt some points went off tangent though.

    1. true @myne….it’s a wild horse, it was hard to hold on to the reins…

  3. The use of swear words kinda distorted the reading for me. Do take note of tense confusion & few flaws like
    women always wins
    we [are] defining
    so therefore [tautology]

    It’s interesting and raises so much true points.

    1. @chimzorom…..i will take note of them flaws…thanks…
      on the swear words…errr…

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