The Feast of Mediocrity

The Feast of Mediocrity

Okonkwo broke no chalk or slate

But he spoke big grammar and walked

Like torotoro in the market place

With a hung placard written bombastic!

His tie dangling in a suicidal poise

Beneath his straight-cut goatee


“Processor” he so called himself

Though he meant professor

Professor of presidency to be precise

“I am the minisciry” he bragged

Minister of what? No one knew

But he spoke governmental bekee

As the villagers believed he did


If you vote me out from inside

I shall dividend you a democraci

And give you a political masquerade

In all the towns of our village square


Head oblong and bent to the ovation

Okonkwo brandished his feathered cap

And copper staff, and shook his head

Swaddled off proudly like a duck

In an Osuofiaic stylish jollification

13 thoughts on “The Feast of Mediocrity” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Hehehehehehe


  2. Whoa!

    This is nice and simple.

    Funny too!

  3. Chukwuneke!I can’t help laughing.Well done.

  4. @Eletrika ‘am glad o for the reactions
    thanks @Seun-Odukoya
    @Kaycee thanks for encouraging
    @Uchechukwu hahaha dalu ezigbo nwanne!

  5. ” …No one knows[knew]”
    “…shaked[shook] his head”

    This is nice.

  6. @chimzorom thank you ezigbo mmadu.

  7. haha. this is nice. Nice title too

  8. Funny, I agree.

  9. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    every village has them, processors of oversabi… lol. loved this.

  10. hilarious, well done…

  11. funnily good

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