T.O.F Clouded beginnings Chapter One 4.

“Your office is getting prettier by the day. I like the new furniture especially the cupboard”, I commented as we stepped into his office.
“Yeah thanks, I bought them during holidays. The old ones were kind of outdated for office use. This new desk you’re seeing has ten drawers and each has a code lock. All documents are safe and it is even fire proof. I confess, the cost is worth it. Anyways take a seat lets talk.” He said arranging some files on the table.
I took a seat, at the cushion directly opposite his, with the table serving as a barrier. I cast my gaze at his desk filled with books.
“Stanley”, he broke the silence after some seconds of obscurity.
“Yes Father”, I meekly replied as I raised my head from his desk.
“Why do you think I’d called you here?” he asked as he flipped through a file ; on the file cover was the name Angel Philips written in bold letters. I kept mute, starring sheepishly into his bowed face.
“To be precise, I actually don’t know why you requested my unalloyed presence. Maybe I can give it a guess…” I said and stopped almost as immediately as I had started. It’s like I’m going way too far into this, I am really exposing much of my being to this man- a Roman catholic Priest; the school manager.
“Spit it out boy. Whats your guess?” he asked, almost nonchalantly as he penned down something into the file, with his face still bowed.
“Okay Father, I guess it’s because of my appointment; my new office”, I bluntly said with confidence written all over my face, trying hard to hold more grounds. Trying not to break any more rules in my self religion.
“Well Stanley, I guess we wouldn’t want to waste time, I would also not take your time so that you can go back to your classroom.” He muttered and kept mute. Silence reigned for a few seconds before he continued because my lips remained glued.
“Your office Stan! Your new post, the library. You know why the school management decided you’re made the library prefect? Do you really know why you were chosen to succeed Eunice?” he bathed me with ‘whys’, flipping close the file his eyes had been glued to, as he raised them and got it stucked right into my head.
“Tell me Stan, why you think we put you there?” the question came again, this time more striking than ever.
His voice echoed back in my head, hitting the four walls of my encephalone, and suddenly I felt sweat dripple down from my right armpit. Words departed me, my brain searched and ransacked all corners, but failed to come up with a reasonable answer. I really seemed perplexed.
Why am I really chosen to serve at the library? Why wasn’t I made the Social Prefect based on my social background? Or better still, I could have been made the sanitary prefect based on my high taste for sanitation, but why wasn’t I made the sanitary prefect? All these questions crept into my head and I left them without answers.
I know that I’m addicted to books, and that have really set off my relationship with the library- it became my second home as I craved for more knowledge through books. The fact was that I was that I began spending more time in the library than in the class. I love books, I love to read books; I believe it’s the surest way I can expand the horizon on my knowledge.
After much silence, I finally sewed up atoms of courage and certainty and concluded to give it a shot. I coughed slightly and begun.
“Father, I really don’t know for sure why I’m made the library prefect but I think it’s because of my passion for the library”, I found myself saying.
The thirty-four year old dark skinned catholic priest just smiled wryly at me. He knew he was messing me up, he certainly knew that he had just set mind to a state of awe ‘utter-unrest’.
“Yes boy, your passion for the office gained you the post; but there’s more to it than you can think of. There’s more Stan! There’s more.” He breathed out, as he held his gaze sharply to my eyes. My eyes held his for some seconds and couldn’t stand it any longer- his look was piercing me and I looked away from him casting my gaze on the desk; precisely on the file Angel Philips. A wed of silence hanged in the air, before he striked into it.
“Well boy, if I must tell you. I particularly finger pointed you to serve in the library. You’re the best man for the post quite right, but the main reason you’re chosen is because I trust you. I know that you have conscience and would never betray the trust and faith I have in you.” He said and continued almost immediately.
“Eunice your predecessor and her assistant Nora abused the library; their office. They misused it to the core, they spoilt the office. They did Taboo.” He said as a cough traveled up to his lungs and was let out through his mouth.
“I won’t like to go into details, but I guess we both know how Nora got pregnant. It all happened in the library; she took-in in the library by a fellow student, and I believe that we both know what happened to them afterwards. The school authority expelled them and that was how they both ended their educational career.” He concluded the short story pushing his face closer to mine across the table. His face was clothed in a saccharine look of anger and pain.
“The library is the most quite place one can find in the whole school. It is the best place one can study and make good grades, it is the best place one can also maneuver with his/her studies. But above all… it is the best place within the school premises that one can do what Nora and Mark did- Teenage Sex.” He immediately stopped talking and looked more into my eyes; his eyes were red and lachrymose. I felt the pain he is going through- the pain of disappointment. He’d trusted Nora, she was sister-like to him, and was very religious. Nobody would have ever believed it, if they were told that she would do such a thing.
I’m not such a dummy not to have understand what he was tryna relate to me. I perfectly understood only but now the power I held in my hands- the library keys; keys to many things. I bowed slightly and looked at the bunch of keys in my hand, it seems like the keys to my tomorrow.
“Hope you understand what I said?” he finally asked after two longest minutes of complete silence; not even the winds blew.
“Yes Father, I think I do understand you and I solemnly promise not to let you down”, I assured him with all sincerity.
“You better not. I’ve gat eyes everywhere Stan. I have got eyes even in the darkest of places most especially the library. Don’t fail me Stan, I trust you”, he concluded.
The tête-à-tête finally came to an end, and I was dismissed by the priest.
“Stan, you can now go so you won’t miss your next lesson. Maybe next time, we will continue our discussion. But always have it at the back of your mind that I’ve gat eyes everywhere. Don’t forget what we discussed cum your promise.” He said as I rose from seat.
“Yes Father, I’ll certainly do my best. I promise there will be no qualms.” I said wearing a face filled with seriousness. I was damned determined to do my best.
I made my way out from his office and raced back to my classroom- it was approximately a two hundred and fifty meters distance. But fortunately or unfortunately, I was obstructed on the way.
It was two junior students, they were quarrelling over what I know not. I stopped abruptly and apprehended them.
“Hey little girls, what’s going on here”, I queried them. They were somehow transfixed as they stood mute looking at me. I had taken them unawares.
Even without anyone telling me, I knew that it was my duty to settle there dispute; I mean I’m now a school prefect and I’m obliged to act like one, so I raised my voice a pitch/note higher .
“Why are you girls starring at me as if I’m in a movie or something? You girls ought to be in class, and what are you shouting for?” I asked, moving closer to them. They fidgeted and shifted back a bit before one of them spoke.
“Se… se… senior, she accused me of stealing her pen”, she said as she casted a nefarious glance at the other girl who was probably now with the pen they had been fighting over.
“It’s a lie Senior. I’m the only person in our class that posses this type of pen. She stole it, I know she stole it. She had always wanted it for herself ever since the first day I brought it to school.” The other girl exclaimed immediately.
Looking at the girls, they both looked twelve. I had to ask their names so that I will be more precise in identifying them.
“What are your names?”
“Eve”, “Eve”, both girls chorused simultaneously and I became more perplexed. I then asked them to say their names in turns, starting from the dark skinned one. She kept mute for some seconds before she spoke up.
“My name is Eve Nicholas”, she said as I nodded and directed my attention towards the other girl.
“…and you’re?” I asked.
“Evelyn Morris, but my friends call me Eve”, she said.
“Oh, now I see. So both of you are Eve, that’s nice. How then do you want a common pen to come between you?” I asked but received no reply, albeit I was expecting none.
The big question now became ‘who is lying’, I just can’t dictate but I really needed to settle this case amicably without hurting both parties. I heaved a deep sigh of exhaustation.
Ok, let’s be serious and honest. I want you guys to be very honest with me. Who amongst you really owns the pen?” I asked and received a simultaneous “Me”, “I” from both girls. It made me more confused.
This is obviously the first case I’m settling as a school prefect, and I know that I shouldn’t be partial. I really needed first class wisdom to sought this out. I just prayed and wished that the wise king Solomon of old would lend me a tip of his brain at this very moment.
All the same, I heard them out. Eve, the first girl claimed that her dad bought her the pen at school resumption, while Evelyn the second girl said that her mum bought her’s today before she came to school. It was clear that both girls have the same type of pen, and maybe someone have misplaced /lost hers and is laying claims over the other one’s. or better still, maybe someone might have stolen one of the girls pen and now they are fighting over the remaining one. Both claiming ownership of the pen.
“Can I have that pen?” I said more or less in a question, stretching out my arm towards Evelyn Morris who was with the pen and she grudgingly obliged. I dismissed them and told them that I would come to their class later to solve the case.
Now both girls left. I studied their feelings. Eve Nicholas was sad; really sad while Evelyn Morris was happy. She was jubilating at a no victor no vanquished.
“Eve”, I called out and both girls immediately turned back to me.
“I mean Eve Nicholas”, I said as she stepped towards me and I handed the pen over to her. She immediately became bright again. “Thank you very much senior.” Was all she could mutter.
“Be very careful with your properties. Know how and where you keep your things”, I cautioned her as she jubilantly thanked me and jumped off.
I called the other girl and cautioned her to stop taking peoples things. I know that her mum did not buy any such pen for her- she just made it up so that she can have Eve’s pen.
“Okay. Take this money and get yourself a pen. Make sure you don’t buy the same type as Eve’s”, I said as I fished out a fifty Xing note from my wallet and handed it over to her. She gladly accepted and thanked.
Both girls departed happily and I headed to my class. I’d believed I judged right, I know I did the perfect thing.

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  1. ….Felt a bit…contrived…? The writing felt a bit immature…. Good, but can be better. Read more books. Don’t just read the books; study them. Note styles of narration, formatting, plot etc.

    Know Ur Target Audience. With the language/writing style, this should be aimed at Teens. If U want to capture the minds of the Adult market, step up Ur game.

  2. @raymond. Thanks a lot. Actually, my target audience are teenagers. I sort of enjoy teen fantasy.
    No qualms, I’m into it already. I’m seriously working on My narration, ploting and description.

  3. Good write but still many errors..

    she said as she casted a nefarious glance at the other girl who was probably now with the pen- I think ‘PROBABLY’ is irrelevant here when in the next paragraph you made us to know that the pen is in possession of the second girl.- consistency

    -He muttered and kept mute. Silence reigned for a few seconds before he continued because my lips remained glued.- this is wrong

    better this way;

    He muttered and kept mute and so was I. Silence reigned for a few seconds before he continued.

    Keep improving. I enjoyed it

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