T.O.F Clouded Beginnings. Chapter One 3

T.O.F Clouded Beginnings. Chapter One 3

The urge to hold her was overwhelming, I wanted to do nasty things with her in the cover of darkness- I want to work her down the isle and prove that one plus one equals one. I really want to live and grow old with her- I’m gonna stop delaying before someone else takes her.
“Angel”, I called as she looked up and her eyes met mine. She was subtle and calm and looked so vulnerable- so penetrating.
“There’s something I have always wanted to tell you. I really wanted to tell you this since the first day I set my eyes on you”, I pronounced or rather confessed. This was really unlike me- I was going against my own commandments; I was beginning to show feelings, letting out my real feelings. This type of feelings aren’t the type I’m used to, everything seems absurd and weird to me. I was beginning to create history for myself- history of my love life.
“Stan”, she called out as the environment got tensed up with what I can’t really decipher. Everywhere was auraed with some sort of sweet feelings.
“You can tell me whatever you want to. I believe I’m desperate to hear it”, she said and added almost immediately.
“Whatever, anything, please I really want to hear it”, she concluded. Her eyes pleadingly piercing through my skull.
I could sense curiosity in her voice. Her speech had been coated with anxiety, no doubt she really wants to hear what I’ve gat to say to her. Perhaps she’s feeling the same too; maybe she’s having butterflies just like me.
I didn’t know what gave me the morale or impetus to open up to her, it just happened. My mouth just opened and words omitted.
“You’re beautiful”, I said sheepishly as I gazed at her hourglass figure.
“Thank you. I also think you’re cute” she said coyly beaming with smiles and facing downwards.
“Angel, there are other things I will tell you later. Right now I’ve gat to go, I have a meeting with the school management and the new prefects. You know it’s the first meeting we will be having with the school management and it will be a bad impression to start it off late”, I announced as I locked the library door and made my way to the school hall where the meeting is to hold.
The immediate past library prefect (my predecessor) had been a lady, having another female as her assistant. She had submitted the keys of the library to the school management which in turn handed it over to me. It feels cool having the key to myself.
“Stanley wait”, Angel called back at me. I abruptly stopped and turned back without a second thought. I had already covered some distance away from her. She ran up to me, her breasts heaved up and down as she breathed heavily from running to catch up with me. She kept mute for some seconds, standing right in front of me within arm reach. I wanted to kiss the sweat off her temple.
“There is something I also want to tell you”, she announced. Albeit her tone was low, it sounded like a church bell that just rung for six o’clock Angelus prayer in my head and subsided like the sound of jingle bells. I looked stupefied, standing motionless in front of her- watching her very pweety succulent vulnerable body.
“Yes, I have always wanted to, from the first day you said ‘hi’ to me, which also happens to be my first day in this school” she said, moving more closer to me.
I guess she could vividly see the result of what she had done to me. I became unsteady, my voice was shaky and I breathed heavily.
“Well you can tell me. I mean anything at all, I’m all ears” I said. It was now a reversed case. Minutes earlier I was the one in power; absolutely I was the one in control- delicately playing with her mind, but now it was something else. My heart missed a beat, I could feel butterflies roaming my stomach as electric current flowed freely to and fro my spine.
My wish was just to hold this girl in a tight embrace, press her chest to mine and my lips to hers; Owh what nasty fantasies I breed. The push was great, the urge to tell her how she makes me feel was too much on me, but I somehow managed to hold it back. Above all, I wanted to profess my love to her; I want to tell her that I would so much appreciate it if we become a duo. There’s pretty so many things I want to tell her; some of which I don’t even know.
Then just like early morning chips of waking birds in the forest, her voice brought me back to reality from my realm of imagination and fantasy.
“Okay, since you don’t have enough time now, I will tell you later, maybe after your meeting with the School Management”, she said with a mocking emphasis on the ‘school management’. It was as if she was below my priority, and is fighting to make me see where she ought to be exactly.
This is pure sarcasm, it’s vivid she wants me and it is as clear as daylight even to the blind that I want her. Then why the pretense? Why is the deceit? Why is the delay? I just can’t tell. I pray that time the overall master reveals all.
“Okay, I will see you after school I promise. I know that the meeting will take time since it’s the first meeting the new prefects is having with the school management. Angel I really hear whatever you’ve gat to tell me and I also want you to hear mine.” I concluded non-hesitantly.
“Me too, I want to hear yours”, she sniffed and nodded. She walked up to me and planted a peck on my left chin. “I’ll be waiting”, she murmured into my left ear. I was perplexed. This lady has done her worst, all my hormones raged up attentively, and blood traveled faster through my veins.
She walked away as I stood, sheepishly watching her leave. My eyes couldn’t just let go off her hips ‘backside’, it seemed glued to it. And I bet she knew I was watching which made her walk more cats-like, calculating each steps. Her hips swayed from left to right in a killer way.
“Wow! This is awesome”, I breathed out, as she turned left out of sight. No doubt we were like ‘like terms’, the law of attraction is really dealing with us- we want each other direly.
I arrived a little late to the meeting, the opening prayer had already been said by the school manager. Reverend Father Patrick Jones.
I was amongst the most out-spoken prefects, and was privileged to serve as the master of ceremony. On the agenda list was ‘introduction’ cum appreciation speech to be read by the new Senior Prefect (sp) of the school, in the person of Master Desmond Jackson.
“I now invite the new Senior Prefect of this noble high school to come up stage and tell us how he thinks he and his new colleagues are going to work”, I said as Desmond stepped forward. Slight claps could be heard from corners of the hall. He read out an already prepared introductory speech.
I heartily thank the management and staffs of this noble institution, for finding me and my colleagues worthy of our various offices, and we certainly promise to do our best in our respective posts.
Before I proceed, it will please me to give honour to those whom honour is due. Good day the manager, the principal and all staffs here present, I salute you all- all other protocols dully observed.
We all know that it is not going to be an easy task. I know that it’s not easy to dedicate all your time and heart to the service of others. I know that the nut is not going to be an easy one to crack, but we will certainly do our best. We will serve the school without fear and/or favour. Once again thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to show our loyalty and dedication to service in this noble school.
Desmond Jackson
On behalf of the new prefects.
To my view, I didn’t perceive what Desmond just read as an introductory speech. The speech was filled with pledges- pledges and promises to hold office. It was much more like an oath of allegiance.
The meeting continued, the SP finally concluded with assuring the school management that we the newly appointed school functionaries will deliver to the best of our abilities, our duties.
The school management on their own side, outlined the DOs and DON’Ts for us, but however encouraged us to give up. We should discipline the junior ones whenever they err. We all should also lead good exemplary life for the junior to look up to.
“Everyone should always have it on the back of their mind that this school is a mission school. There should be no dating, especially amongst you senior students. I don’t want to hear a repeat of Nora’s case- I really don’t want anyone to get pregnant again in this school. Above all, no one is a Sacred Cow, no one is above the law, and even you the prefects, infact the punishment are going to be more severe when a school prefect errs. The mantle of leadership now lies with you.” He paused and continued.
“Tomorrow, you all are going to be decorated with your office badges which are your symbol of authority. Anybody that disobeys you has disobeyed me.” The school manager, Fr. Patrick Jones finally concluded and we all clapped as he took his seat.
The meeting ended after about three hours, with a closing prayer from Fr. Collins the school principal. Thereafter, everybody dispersed.
After much said, it seems we all had understood. Everyone, the new prefects were all filled with vigour to start duty fully. We were to officially assume office on Monday; upcoming Monday when the handover will take place at the Pope John Paul 1 hall.
Everybody dispersed immediately the meeting came to an end; everyone including the teachers headed for classes. Much time had already been spent, and the mission of the meeting has been accomplished.
As everybody dispersed, the school manager asked me to wait pinpointing that he wants to have a brief tête-à-tête with me. I walked closely behind him as we headed to his office. He’d claimed that it was a confidential discussion.
His office was a square large room of fifteen by fifteen. The interior of the office was green, the rug was pure green, the desk is green and even the wall paint is green. A big cupboard was at the extreme left corner of the office. Few wall photos were hanged sparsely on the walls; photos of him in his soutaine, photos of him in his few regalia as a newly ordained priest and photos of him receiving an award from the state government for diligence and service to humanity. There was also a picture of him and the then Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Utopia, his lordship Dr. Hillary Zack, who died two years ago.

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