Sunday Best

Today is Sunday, my best day of the week. It’s also the day everybody goes to church. Mummy says it’s because Sunday is God’s holy day. Mummy and Daddy always rush on Sundays. They say it’s because they don’t want to be late, that it’s wrong to go late to church. Maybe God does not like to wait.

I like Sunday because I get to see Tunde. Tunde is my best friend. He does not attend my school but we play together in church every Sunday. Sometimes, mummy and daddy let me sleep in his house. Mummy and daddy never miss church. They also go to church during the week. I don’t go with them during the week because mummy says I will be tired but Tunde doesn’t go either so I don’t mind.
Mummy and Daddy don’t sit together in church. Mummy sings in church so she sits in front with all the people that sing. Daddy always sits with the pastor and helps him carry his bible. Maybe because it’s too heavy and daddy is a strong man. I sit with all the other children at the back and I like it because from where I sit, I can see everybody in church including mummy and daddy.

I can’t wait to see Tunde. Last Sunday we ran around outside the church kicking the ball that Tunde’s mummy bought for him while we waited for our daddies to finish their meeting. Mummy and daddy always have a lot of meetings after church. I didn’t used to like it until Tunde and I became friends. Now we play together till their meeting ends. Sometimes Tunde’s daddy takes me home with them and my daddy comes to pick me later from their house. Tunde’s mummy and daddy are very nice and sometimes I wish I could stay with them and not go back home.

Mummy is talking to Daddy. I can’t hear what she’s saying but her voice is loud. She doesn’t sound happy. Daddy is talking too and he doesn’t sound happy either. I go to their room to find out what’s wrong but daddy won’t let me enter. He says I should go and watch television that he and mummy would be ready to go to church soon.

I do as I am told. I hope they will hurry, I can’t wait to see Tunde. I hear mummy’s voice again. She’s angry. I know this because that’s how her voice gets when I do something I’m not supposed to, like poking my hand in the socket behind the freezer because Tunde dared me that my finger could not fit inside.

Daddy starts shouting. I hear a sound like people struggling but I’m not sure what that means. He’s shouting at Mummy now and I think she’s crying. I want to go and help but I remember what daddy said. So I remain in the parlour.

This is another reason why I like Sundays. Mummy and daddy go to church. And in church, they are happy. They seem to be different people in church. But at home, mummy and daddy always fight. Sometimes mummy cries, and then I notice marks and wounds all over her body but I don’t know where they come from. She doesn’t answer when I ask, so I ask daddy but he just frowns and keeps quiet. He doesn’t seem too worried about it anyway.

Yes I like Sundays. Mummy and daddy smile at each other in church and everyone is always happy. Hopefully they’ll be ready to go to church soon. When we get to church maybe I’ll ask them if I can sleep in Tunde’s house today. His parents are happy all the time and Tunde says he has never heard his mummy cry or his daddy shout. And I believe him. I only wish my parents were that way.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Best” by Oyenwen Odia (@oyodia)

  1. Awwww….How do children do it? They put everything in a sensible light…even bad things..
    You did well with this because you maintained the childish tone till the end… I was lost in his world.
    His innocence is achingly sweet…When he is older, he would know…
    Well done…$ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, unfortunately, that’s simply the way it is..*sighs*. Thanks, I’m humbled.

  2. I found this very simple, yet very poignant.

    I like how you told the story of a fractured marriage through the lens of a child.

    Well done, @Oyodia – please accept 20 points.

    1. Gladly and gratefully accepted. Thank you.@TolaO

  3. Well done…. I like this…Short and poignant…

  4. Chief @oyodia hw come it was so easy for u to write from a child’s perspective?
    Oh..k I know…
    This was really good. If I didn’t kno otherwise I’d hav said u copied it out of ur childhood diary.
    Welldone ma.

    1. @literati, me I no know o! Since you do, maybe you can share? And if I dint know otherwise, I’d say that was a yab right there…
      Grateful Sir.

    2. @literati, me I no know o! Since you do, maybe you can share? And if I didn’t know otherwise, I’d say that was a yab right there…
      Grateful Sir.

  5. well told- more grease to your elbows

    1. K, hope the grease will help me write better. Thank you @mikeefa

  6. Awwwwwwwwww it is so sweet,children story…i was interesting 2 me

    1. I’m glad u found it interesting. Thanks @mikeefa

      1. Sori, I meant to write@obionyinye. Thought Slip…

  7. It’s simple and nice. I hope as she grows older, she and Tunde won’t

    1. @babyada, Abeg, won’t what? And you assume the MC’s a she? Well, come to think of it, it could work either way.
      Thank you so much.

  8. How sad, the pov it was written from made it beautiful, thumbs up!

    1. Aww, @elly, It really is sad. And it happens quite a lot. Thank you.

  9. Wow! I love the sentences…very childish.

    1. @jonnysnow, yh, it is a child talking afterall. :) thanks.

  10. this was all kinds of beautiful and believable too… i could almost see this child.

    1. K. So @kiah what did he look like? Thank you so…much appreciated

  11. Oh yea, I love this. Writing from a child POV isn’t an easy task but you made it look simple.

    Welldone @oyodia

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