Stormy weather


It’s dark…

The clouds have formed

The wind blows savagely through the land

Objects get tossed like debris in a desert storm

Yet I stand a tree in the midst of life’s storms

My branches do sway to the call of the winds

The winds though strong unable to fall my leaves

This stormy rain though heavy unable to wash my roots away

Drenched and cold in the fall of this thundery rain

Yet I still stand not willing to sway

Though my leaves dance in the blustery weather

Accommodating a gloomy, dark squally morn

I remain true to my roots

My roots like tentacles

Burrow deep into the soil of time

They ground me through the storms that happen oftentimes

In them I find succor

Though I shiver from standing alone in this storm

I know daybreak will come

And this storm too like others will succumb

9 thoughts on “Stormy weather” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. Inspiring and motivating. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. With these words, you’ve lifted my spirit and given me wings to soar higher no matter the turbulence. Thanks for sharing this @aturmercy. God bless you

  2. Boooooooooy! God bless you man. God bless ya.

  3. Jesus! This is awesome! Simple but eloquent and pregnant with all sorts of meaning.

    Well done @atumercy!

  4. Splendid. I love the last line, “and this storm too like others will succumb.”

  5. /My roots like tentacles/ hmnn… If your roots were like tentacles, that must be a serious matter… I like the comparison though, that is my take home line. Well done.

  6. Splendid. Thanks for sharing

  7. Vicissitude of life,
    thanks for the fortitude
    Ostar, with gratitude!

  8. @chizorom, mine too.

    @aturmercy…you have once more captured the resilience in the human spirit, well done!

  9. …The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to Budget Cuts…

    Well done bro.

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