He wants to change the world
He knows, the life he lives
The world he knows the life he lives
He prays everyday, his daughter, Dolly
He got a job 8:12 am, 8:47 am he can’t afford a car
9:56am warning from the boss
Office stress, argument, office war, backstabbing
Deadlines, meeting, sales target, competition
Lie to Dolly.

He needs to find a WAY out
BOSS his colleague, Susan, PA
Until last summer he found a great business
He runs the business with PASSION
He gets the best training from QNet
He’s full of courage faith and believes
He shares the business with his best friends
With his wife, Nancy.

He gives presentation, Susan joins him
No time, not interested no money
I don’t trust you, scam?
I trust you, I like my job
But he did not give up
After 18 month with QNet
He resigns from his job
He settles his credit cards bills, loans
He finally goes for a vacation with Nancy
He does not need to apply for leave anymore.

Huge birthday celebration for Dolly with her friends
He bought his dream car last Christmas
He does charity as well for the unfortunate
He’s changing the world
He raises himself to help mankind
He thanks QNet.

…The leaders
…The trainings
…The camps
…The events
For his efforts and hard work
He gets recognized.

23 thoughts on “Qnet” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. What is THIS??

    1. YOu can say that again.

    2. believe it or not its a poem call Qnet- lol

    3. Bizness of 21st Century

    1. i have never seen this before-o

    2. Bizness of 21st Century you need it

  2. This is what poetry brings to bear, language! But for the sake of clarity,@motitalk please shed light on this would you? God bless.

    1. It the Bizness of 21st Century, you will surely like it.Visit http://www.Qnet.net.then get back to me.

  3. Dis one na advert for Qnet ltd…and Dolly…and Susan and…..

    1. @Shai, Hehehe! Na you write am

      1. Shey you sef no see d tinz Ni? I am short of words sha….

    2. Do you know about it?

    1. Na only Qnet ltd address and phone number remain…..

      1. Yes it is the Bizness of 21st Century.

  4. Errmm…

    Okay…well done for attempting to write something sha…

    1. This writeup can change your Life for real don’t joke with it.

  5. yea-its a good attempt at making an entry into the world of writing- so we wait for the next one

  6. It’s not organised and I see no point. I don’t mean to be harsh but it looks like something typed with eyes shut or in a state of drowsiness. No need asking for explanation ’cause this needs total… should I say rewriting, restructuring, editing or rethinking? Good attempt though; despite my displeasure, do write more.

    And for the records… kudos to Qnet.

    1. join the train it’s fascinating

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