Pandemonium 2: The hustle is over…

Pandemonium 2: The hustle is over…

My travails in Dana expressed
By the kind gesture of that phantom
At the gate of this beautiful place
On Sabbath when God rested
On man’s origin on resurrection day.
This poet with much time
To compose my dying thought-few seconds
By the pen of history.
Though dreams unfulfilled
Like aviation
Loved ones never to see,
I must say I’m in a better place.
“Ngo”, don’t fret, don’t cry,
No pandemonium here,
I dwell where safety is king,
Where peace is God!

13 thoughts on “Pandemonium 2: The hustle is over…” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Nice one. Deep and sad.

    1. It is what such kind of death can leave u with…But here is our hope-to dwell where peace is God!

  2. That is the hope… not everyone gets there anyways. Nice poem.

    1. Thanks…

  3. Thanks for being there.

    “In Greek mythology, Trophonius was a son of Erginus. According to the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, he built Apollo’s temple at the oracle at Delphi with his brother, Agamedes. Once finished, the oracle told the brothers to do whatsoever they wished for six days and, on the seventh, their greatest wish would be granted. They did and were found dead on the seventh day. The saying “those whom the gods love die young” comes from this story.”

    1. Some greek myths we have here.Thanks for sharing.

  4. yea bros for those lovely souls the hustle is over – nice one

  5. … a concise and precise poetic piece…

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