One Crash Too Many

One Crash Too Many

In a conference of opinions

Speaks a voice of spurious reason:

Let’s quit the ranting

And the pointing of fingers

And honour the dead

With gentle grievings.

Those gentle words

They jar my ears, and fail to soothe

My heart is heavy

I will grieve the way I want!


A tsunami this is not

A Katrina neither

When even these

Of nature’s whims pure and true

Amelioration do find

In the speed of a people’s resolve.

Alas, it is Bellview

It is Sosoliso

Incarnated yet again.

That flying death supposedly banished

But harbour it did find

In corruption’s neglect.


Martyrs they are

Dead that we may come

Alive to safety’s practise.

Nay, bonus martyrs

For the warning had sounded

Many times before

And always with gruesome evidence

To a people in criminal slumber.

An accident is somebody’s fault

As the safety police do affirm

And this surely is

One crash too many.


22 thoughts on “One Crash Too Many” by Obisike (@obiaguomba)

  1. Nice.

    ‘Criminal silence’. ‘An accident is somebody’s fault’. ‘Corruption’s neglect’. How true those words.

    1. thanks @chemokopi. Maybe, just maybe, sustained ranting and finger-pointing will make things change.

  2. I really do hope we come “alive to safety’s practice”, and all other truths this country needs.

    Well Done!

    1. @teewah…I think we import sophisticated technology but fail to imbibe the safety/quality mgt practices that they are designed to go with.

  3. Flying coffins.


  4. I like this one. Nice one. True words you spoke

  5. You hv spoken well…I like

  6. words of truth…

  7. I like this….Simple…We have had too many flight deaths, this one is jara…When, when, when will they learn?…Nice lines…Well done..

    1. @sibbylwhyte…I feel like “occupying” something.

  8. this is lovely- I agree with you. Lets quit pointing fingers and laying blame and simply honour the dead, those martyrs whose sacrifice may(AND i HOPE WILL) pave the way to newer safety measures.
    well done, well put!!!

    1. thank you, bro

  9. Natural causes, I can understand, if nothing can be done. However this one…this one…

    Well done…

    1. Thanks, @raymond. This situation is so…unacceptable.

  10. True talk. Perfect lines. Thank you for sharing.

    1. thanks you too, @louis, for reading and commenting.

  11. So painfully true.

  12. one crash too many did you say? bro you are more than right. Nigerians are being roasted thanks to the forces of corruption. we need to deliver our society from the vultures in power. you have really reflected the mood – kudos for the craftmanship a great poet in the making.

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