Numbers, 1 2 3,
We all count
In one form or the other
To keep facts,
To manipulate situations,
We count…

Last count before the last
The living we count
Because the dead do not count
But sometimes we count
To jolt our memory that
The dead were once living
So that we can know
How deep our grief
To measure
How deep it should be
to remind ourselves
That they were more than numbers
They were humans in numbers.

They counted 153
“No hope of a survivor”, they said.
How do they know?
How can they say?
When to each 1, there is grief
To each 5, there is sadness
To each 3, family trees are cut

Gbenga was aboard
He can’t be dead
Keep checking, you’ll find him
You should find him.
He’s probably writhing in pain.
Find him.

And then, there’s Ebuka
He told her he was going
It was meant as a surprise
Guess he surprised her..
1 out of 153
His family have no idea.

Tears erupt
For some, silence won
For others, it was a dream
For us, a cruel reality.

They keep counting
While we mourn the numbers
Fleshy numbers
Mere statistics to them
In a plot
To downplay their mistakes
Their greed.

To us, they were humans
Not numbers
Not figures
Not statistics.
They were once us

12 thoughts on “Numbers” by taiwo odumala (@queenzayta)

  1. You guys…you guys.

    You’re going to make grown men cry o.

    153. Just like so.

  2. Thank you @queenzayta for your expression,it’s all that it needs to be

  3. @queenzayta I should say something but I won’t for the same reason why I am not posting anything to this.

  4. Kamal is that you?
    Good connection you have here.

  5. @queenzayta It is a gud piece. All I will say.

  6. Mehn man go cry oo.

  7. A nice tribute.

  8. One hundred and fifty three people is way more than just a number. Way more than. It’s saddening it all had to end that way. May God rest their souls

  9. tears wont let me read them all.

  10. Really nice tribute…this is more than a poem.

  11. Wish it was not a real incident…The reality breaks my heart….Nice one.

  12. The sad thing is that they’ll eventually become nothing but numbers for most…

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