My Guide

My Guide


It was gloomy in my space,

The sun was Moon

And the sea was pond

My world limited

By walls of solitude

Time going reverse

My sight blurred with fears…

I was staggering around

And I’d stumble over any stone,

Like intoxicated by nothingness:

No love, no hugs, Nothing to share.

I was walking in life

Turning around myself like a top

Feeling dizzy

With nobody in the heart of my heart

Name: Frustration!

My companion…

Praise Resignation !

My prayer…

I needed a hand to find a way,

An exit, out of that blind alley

Exhausted to wander around…



There is a dazzling light

In my room,

The Moon switched to Sun

Sky and Sea smile at me

In their infinity,

My world is the Universe,

My senses in awareness

Of all spirits

Giggling .

My eyes wide open

I see a miracle

In everyone

I am back to life


LOVE SHARING, protection

I am walking towards peace

My thoughts filled and your guidance

Name : Passion!

My Companion…

Praise Adoration!

My Prayer….

And my hand in yours,

I learn to survive.

You came and showed me the way.

8 thoughts on “My Guide” by naboulove (@naboulove)

  1. NICE!

    Interesting – as always.

    1. Thanks a lot Seun x

  2. Thank God for U…

    1. Really ? Thanks Amen to that lool thanks for topping by

  3. loved it. strong lines

  4. Loved this.

  5. ehmmmm are they two poems or is it just one? nice read anyway. what brought about the revival?

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